The best Studio Ghibli posters and art prints of 2023: Level up your wall decor

The best Studio Ghibli posters and art prints of 2023: Level up your wall decor

Decorate your walls with the best Studio Ghibli posters and artwork from the beloved films!

Many people grew up with posters of their favorite bands, movie stars, and everything in between adorning their bedroom walls. Some people may think that decorating their personal space with stickers is old-fashioned. But, in fact, there are more posters for both top franchises and niche audiences than ever before. RELATED: The best Studio Ghibli clothing and accessoriesFor fans of anime films produced by a powerful Japanese company Studio GhibliCollecting unique and rare collectibles is an art in itself. While searching for the best Studio Ghibli characters, toys, and other merchandise available, fans will find that there are some great posters as well! This isn’t the garden variety either. These are works of art with unique designs that fans won’t find anywhere else. Your search for the best Studio Ghibli stickers is over, it’s all here.

  • Spirited away blue sticker

    Quiet this kidnapped The poster will add a little charm to any room. Chihiro makes her way across a water railway, shoes in hand, and is accompanied by Jumping Lantern, No Face, and the dragon Haku. This ocean poster is bathed in a calm blue color that will be the perfect decor for your bedroom or bathroom.

  • Poster of Princess Mononoke showing a cherry tree and forest spirits

    Princess Mononoke Forest Spirit Poster

    In this Prince Mononoke Poster, A beautiful tree knotted with soft pink cherry blossoms is the cozy home of a group of forest spirits, or kodama. This canvas poster measures 12 x 18 inches and is perfect for nature lovers and Studio Ghibli fans alike. It will look great in any home or office.

  • Studio Ghibli Characters Hanging Canvas Poster

    Studio Ghibli Canvas Hanging Poster

    This unique piece of decor brings a number of beloved Studio Ghibli characters together as one big happy family. Pastel colors really pop, and the cheerful colors are sure to brighten up any room in the house. The artwork is printed on high quality canvas with wood edges and string for easy hanging.

  • Howl's Moving Castle poster with Sophie and Howl embracing in the style of Klimt's Kiss

    Howl’s Moving Castle Poster Sophie and Howl

    One of the greatest works of art in history is the inspiration for this wonderful poster by Sophie and Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle. Created based on the theme of Klimt’s “The Kiss”, this romantic scene is full of beautiful details that will have viewers staring at it for hours. This canvas poster would make a perfect gift for a loved fan Howl’s Moving Castle.

  • The Kidnapped poster shows Sen riding Haku in tow

    Enthusiastic clouds sticker

    Like an award winner kidnapped, This artistic poster inspires the imagination. The scene depicts a night sky filled with billowing clouds as Chihiro flies on the back of her majestic dragon friend, Haku. Below there is a stunning view of a train running over the tracks, and the Magical Spirits Bath is located nearby. This stunning work of art is sure to catch the attention of whoever sees it on the wall.

  • Vintage poster of My Neighbor Totoro with Catboss and friends

    My Neighbor Totoro Vintage Poster by Catbus

    This is antique style My neighbor totoro The poster is full of life and personality, just like the unique cast of characters from the film. Little sisters Mei and Satsuki look out the window of the smiling Catpus, while Totoro stands with the medium and small Totoros next to them. This unique print really stands out and would make a great piece for your Ghibli poster collection.

  • A metal sign with soot goblins for making coffee

    Metal Sign Spirited Away From Soot Sprite

    Soot Sprites are hard workers, and like everyone else, they need a little activity in the morning. This adorable tin wall art depicts three soot figures indulging in some morning java before the day begins. The metal has four holes for accessible wall hanging and would be a perfect kitchen decor.

  • Kiki's Delivery Service movie poster

    Kiki’s Delivery Service movie poster

    this Kikes Delivery Service The poster is just as charming as the little witch herself. The art shows Kiki soaring high above the coastal town of Kuriku on her broom with her trusty cat, Gigi, at her side. This movie poster takes a scene straight from the Studio Ghibli film The Enchantress and will make a charming piece of wall decor.

  • Vintage poster for the movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky

    Laputa: Paper poster of a castle in the sky

    The first Studio Ghibli film by legendary director Hayao Miyazaki, Castle in the sky (Known in Japan as Laputa: Castle in the Sky) It is a story of wonder and adventure that began the legacy of Ghibli films. This beautiful artwork is printed on kraft paper, giving it a distinct vintage feel, and shows a realistic version of the mysterious orphan girl, Sheeta. It is surrounded by images of characters and symbols from the film, with the magical Castle of Laputa floating underneath.

  • Watercolor poster of Princess Mononoke featuring San riding a wolf

    Princess Mononoke watercolor poster

    Perfect for fans of Studio Ghibli’s fantasy adventure Prince Mononoke, This poster, in watercolor style, depicts Wolf Princess San, wearing her trademark headdress and riding atop one of her wolf spirit siblings in front of a rising full moon. This gorgeous sticker is made with a matte finish and is available in multiple sizes.

  • Howl's Moving Castle poster is black and white with a touch of colored paint

    Colorful poster of Howl’s Moving Castle

    This unique poster is just the right thing for the Studio Ghibli fan who has everything. The artwork shows the castle from Howl’s Moving Castle In black and white, with watercolor highlights. They are available in either vintage kraft paper or plain canvas prints, so fans are sure to find something that suits their personal tastes.

  • A long tapestry with Totoro creatures against the night sky

    My Neighbor Totoro Crescent Moon Tapestry

    This is so sweet My neighbor totoro A fabric poster would make a great accent for a child’s bedroom. It shows a group of Totoro creatures sitting comfortably next to a tree in a winter landscape with a large crescent moon in the background. Look closely, and you might even see a cute little soot critter hiding in the starry night sky.

Own or gift the unique Studio Ghibli art studio at a cheap price

While collecting items from a favorite fandom is a lot of fun, it can also be an expensive venture. Not only will these stickers break the bank, but they will allow fans to express their love for all things Ghibli. Any of these choices would also make a great gift.

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common questions

What is the darkest Studio Ghibli film?

Many of the films released by Studio Ghibli are heartwarming works filled with wonder and imagination. But that doesn’t mean they don’t get their share of heartbreak too. miyazaki 1988 movie, grave of fireflies, It is considered one of the darkest films from the studio due to its incredibly sad ending.

What is the lowest rated Studio Ghibli film?

While the majority of Studio Ghibli films have been well received by audiences and critics alike, not every film can be perfect. Unlike famous favorites like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, And howl’s moving castle, 2006 Tales from Earthsea It didn’t manage to impress most Studio Ghibli viewers. On review site Rotten Tomatoes, it currently has just a 38% critic score and just a 46% audience score (Rotten tomatoes).

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