The banquet center was constructed for the Hayden-Ford Mill building in Tecumseh

The banquet center was constructed for the Hayden-Ford Mill building in Tecumseh

TECUMSEH — Business partners with experience in restoring buildings associated with Henry Ford are interested in restoring the Hayden-Ford Mill building in Tecumseh.

The city’s former community center is back on the market this summer after another investment group’s plans to convert the facility into a German-style restaurant and banquet center fell through due to environmental remediation issues in the basement. Eventually, the adhesives used to seal the old wood floors decomposed and released gases that were discovered by the previous developer’s environmental consultant.

New proposals for the building are due by October 19.

Greg D’Onofrio and Richard Cox on Monday presented a plan to the Tecumseh City Council to convert the building between East Chicago Boulevard and Globe Mill Pond into a banquet facility with a restaurant. Their plan was the only one submitted, although some local business owners looked at the building, Tecumseh City Manager Dan Swallow said in an email.

D’Onofrio said the previous developers’ vision for having a restaurant and banquet facility was a good idea. Their conversations with people in the community about uses for the building reinforced the idea that another banquet facility was needed.

They told the council how they had restored two other Ford facilities – the Northville valve plant and the Phoenix mill in Plymouth Township. The Valve factory now houses a mix of tenants, including a fitness center and engineering, technology and architecture firms. The Phoenix Mill is a ballroom that attracts people from all over Metro Detroit.

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