Tadao Ando’s II Teatro Perfomance Arts Center features a floating arena

Tadao Ando’s II Teatro Perfomance Arts Center features a floating arena

Arada assigns Tadao Ando to Theater II on the Avenue

Japanese architect Tadao Ando has been commissioned to design Il Teatro, a new sculptural performing arts center that will soon take shape in Aljada, Sharjah’s largest lifestyle community. Arada, the main developer of the project, revealed the designs of the integrated cultural complex, which extends over an area of ​​24,155 square metres. Characterized by Tadao Ando’s architectural simplicity, Il Teatro on the Avenue reveals a pure, cylindrical concrete mass facing a multi-layered cultural plaza. The Performing Arts Center is further defined by a dramatic secondary feature; A large arched opening enlivens the facade of the building, forming a strong connection between the interior and the exterior. It will host a wide range of shows and performances, including opera, theatre, dance, ballet, musicals, concerts, films, art exhibitions and festivals. Il Teatro will also include, in addition to a 2,000-seat auditorium, a gallery and a small restaurant.

All designs by Tadao Ando Architects, courtesy of Arada

A 24,155 square meter center combining a cylindrical mass and a floating arena

Spread over two levels, the piazza is an elevated public space floating above the water and containing a large outdoor amphitheater facing Il Teatro. A series of events and activities will be hosted at the Plaza, providing a multi-dimensional experience that will inspire the country’s growing creative community. Stone, concrete, light and water come together poetically.Leave a lasting impact between generations by focusing on culture and art. “I designed the central structure of the building to be round like the Earth as I wanted to create a new world within that would attract not only locals, but visitors from all over the world.” Tadao Ando Stocks (see more here). El Teatro is Tadao Ando’s second project in the UAE, following Armani Beach Residences on Palm Jumeirah, which was also announced in partnership with Arada earlier this year.

Tadao Ando II Center for the Performing Arts in Sharjah includes a floating cultural arena
Theater II at Aljada, Sharjah’s new performing arts centre

Il Teatro occupies a prime position inside Between twoAljada, located on the main access road to the main community. It is also located at the center of the Naseej Creative District, a collection of 19 buildings that also includes the Vida Aljada hotel and residential apartment complex that will be managed by Emaar Hospitality. Residents living in the Creative District will be able to enjoy access to “El Teatro” via two “green spines” or urban parks containing lush foliage and dense tree cover, with workshops, art studios and cafés facing the parks on either side. Those who live in the neighborhood will also enjoy a rich calendar of events, activities, shows and exhibitions, all just a short walk from their front door. Construction work in the Textile District is underway, and the first homes are scheduled to be completed this year. Work on El Teatro on the Avenue is scheduled to begin next year, and the building and arena are scheduled for completion in 2027.

Tadao Ando II Center for the Performing Arts in Sharjah includes a floating cultural arena
It will host a wide range of performances and performances, including opera, theater and dance

Project information:

name: Second theatre

location: Aljada, Sharjah, UAE

structural engineer: Tadao Ando | @tadao_ando_ando

Developer: Arada | @aradaliving

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