Spring and summer decor trends to watch in 2024

Spring and summer decor trends to watch in 2024

The change of seasons often triggers an emotional response in consumers, and they react by sprucing up their homes with décor that reflects the new time of year. Meet the beginning of fall with scented candles and warm textiles in earth and pumpkin tones. Winter calls for berry or woodsy scents, traditional holiday color palettes or jewel tones, and holiday decor. Spring and summer call for fresh, light decor that signifies renewal, or for items that reflect the joy that comes from warm weather.

According to the 2024 Gift Book Consumer Survey, consumers interested in purchasing seasonal home decor over the next 12 months are most likely to purchase for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, but there is a steady stream of spring and summer-loving consumers who plan to celebrate accordingly, and fill their homes with the love they feel. In their favorite seasons.

Additionally, consumers are constantly looking to spruce up their outdoor living areas, which many have begun using more during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Call it the great spring awakening, if you will, as consumers are paying closer attention to how they outfit their porches, decks and patios to reflect their personal styles as the seasons change from cool to warm and inviting.

Here are some things to watch for in these trend categories as you plan for 2024:

Pride abroad

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Enhancing your outdoor living spaces means investing in decorative items that can add flair and polish to existing fixtures. According to the 2024 Gift Book Consumer Survey, decorative accents are the most popular home furnishings category that consumers plan to purchase in the coming year — and that includes indoors and outdoors.

Garden-themed pieces are long-time bestsellers, both for those who cultivate green thumbs in spacious yards and those who enjoy green living as a general practice. Distressed planters, terra cotta pots and metal watering cans take center stage, exuding a rustic vibe that suits casual lifestyles. Bare and unpainted pots are preferred not only for their simple appearance, but because they complement existing decor.

The minimalist decor is also evident in the metal bird cages and lanterns housed in simple boxes. Bird figurines with natural, weathered finishes can stand alone or work well as cage companions – perfect for city dwellers who crave the great outdoors. Cement is another popular medium featured on planters and candle holders and is promoted for its sturdy structure that withstands outdoor wear and tear.

And to sweeten your outdoor decor experience, rabbits are the star of the show when it comes to garden accents. These creatures, along with frogs, turtles and birds, are external universal symbols that take the form of farms and baskets. Stylish outdoor pillows are another soft touch that adds a touch of personality to your porch swings, rocking chairs and outdoor lounge furniture.

Garden flags are easy to market, which retailers can display in the entrance of their store. Popular design themes include Americana – with cheerful red, white and blue floral patterns – and family pets, allowing homeowners to proudly personalize their front porches with a playful nod to their furry friends.

Warm weather decor

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Seasonally decorating a home is about much more than simple tools and holiday items. As for home decor in general, the 2024 Gift Book Consumer Survey found that wall art, soft home accessories, decorative accents, lighting and outdoor living accessories are all highly sought-after items for the coming year.

To prepare your store for the spring and summer decorating seasons, be sure to keep each of these categories in stock. For example, displaying pillows with rabbits printed on them for spring or pineapples for summer is easy to display (pineapple is a plus trend; it doubles as a symbol of hospitality) and is an easier way for your customers to freshen up their living rooms for spring and summer.

For wall art, signs with a seasonal phrase are a popular choice as are prints with a beautiful summer outdoor scene. For decorative accents, seasonal figurines or sculptures and useful mugs are top of mind. If seasonal items make you nervous due to their timely nature, carrying decor in vibrant colors also works well to usher in the warmer seasons.

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