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It’s nice to think that Antoni Gaudí is the main reason why Barcelona’s hotels have such great architecture and design. The presence of his enormous works throughout the city is a constant motivating force. the Holy Family He stares, judging silently. As with all things, economics will likely play a larger role. Barcelona is an upscale tourist city. It includes a global collection of sophisticated, high-style hotels with public spaces full of character. The bar is high. Nobody takes any plays. If you want to get here, you have to up your game.

For evidence, look no further than the rooftops of Barcelona’s hotels. Pools, bars, restaurants, lounge areas – these days, almost all of the leading hotels in the Catalan capital have something great on the upside. In most cities, rooftop amenities are fairly new – and by no means unheard of, but it’s not exactly standard practice either, and certainly not an expectation. In Barcelona, ​​it’s hard to find a popular hotel that doesn’t have a rooftop pool, let alone a buzzing cocktail bar and a selection of ultra-comfy chairs.

It’s tempting to wonder why. The permitting process may be easy. Or maybe it’s the weather. Barcelona’s climate makes rooftop spaces a sound investment year-round. In the end, the only motivation that matters is keeping up with the competition. You have to give people what they want, and in Barcelona they want great places to spend an evening with a view of the sky.

Of course, that’s not all they want. To be a Michelin Guide selection, the rest of the hotel has to be just as impressive as the scene on the top floor. All of the highlights below have amazing rooftop spaces and so much more.

Bonai House
Barcelona, ​​Spain

When you arrive at Casa Bonay, if there’s one thing that will impress you with the team here, it’s that this hotel was a community effort. From the furniture to the blankets to the soaps, this is Barcelona – and Catalan culture – on full display. The rooms aren’t exactly huge, but most have outdoor space to enjoy the view. At the rooftop restaurant, Chiringuito, all types of barbecue and tapas are served with a beach club atmosphere.

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Brummel Hotel
Barcelona, ​​Spain

There’s a refreshingly down-to-earth feel at play here, perhaps due in part to the abundance of cheap watering holes in the neighbourhood, which in turn fuels the tapas atmosphere and charming galleries on every street. Combine all of that into one and you have brummel; Whether you want cocktails, a day drink by the rooftop pool, surfing, yoga and fitness classes – free for hotel guests – this hotel has you covered – or all of the above.

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Barcelona calendar
Barcelona, ​​Spain

Located just off the Passeig de Gràcia in the upscale Eixample district, Almanac Barcelona is an elegant 19th-century edifice (plus a 20th-century addition) whose interiors, by designer Jaime Beriestain, recall many beloved eras in design history , from art deco to mid-century modernism to the present day. The elegance of the design is matched by some essential amenities, not the least of which is Azimuth, a rooftop bar with indoor and outdoor views of the city panorama.

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Sierras Barcelona
Barcelona, ​​Spain

Even in the face of stiff competition, Seras stands out. It’s rare here, or in any city, to find something that effortlessly straddles the line between boutique elegance and ultra-luxury. It occupies a landmark building on Passeig de Colom, where the Gothic Quarter meets Port Vell, which represents one of its most desirable features: a rooftop pool deck, restaurant and bar facing the marina.

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Mercer Barcelona Hotel
Barcelona, ​​Spain

Walking the halls of the Mercer Hotel Barcelona is a bit like hanging out in a forward-thinking gallery of modern design, where the exhibits never close and management lets you stay overnight — except here, there’s modern furniture and impeccable glass partitions. Old defense tower. The amenities get dreamier as you go up – there’s a fourth-floor terrace offering sweeping views of the Gothic cathedral, plus a rooftop bar and pool.

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H10 cube
Barclaona, Spain

H10 Cubik starts with a modern, renovated building in the city centre, a symbol of Barcelona’s adventurous architectural spirit, and takes it further with vibrant and colorful modern interiors by designer Lázaro Rosa Violán. Meanwhile, at the top is Atik Tapas Bar, a self-explanatory restaurant with a great view, and just outside is Atik Rooftop Bar, complete with a plunge pool and deck chairs.

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Old Buenavista House
Barcelona, ​​Spain

What started just over a hundred years ago as a family-owned restaurant in Barcelona, ​​in a central location where El Raval meets L’Eixample, is now an elegant and memorable boutique hotel. Still family-owned, the hotel is part historic, inspired by Barcelona’s 20th-century modernist tradition, and part contemporary, displaying the simplicity and focus that are the hallmarks of 21st-century hospitality design. On the roof, there is a swimming pool and a small garden closely isolated from the rest of the space.

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Kimpton Vividora Hotel
Barcelona, ​​Spain

It’s a long way from Kimpton’s San Francisco headquarters to Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, but the Kimpton Vividora feels right at home here, a luxury boutique hotel designed in partnership with a local design studio and designed to be a true reflection of a Catalan hotel. The capital’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Fauna is the main restaurant, and Terraza de Vivi is the rooftop bar, both of which are a great introduction to the local culinary scene.

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Pulitzer Hotel Barcelona
Barcelona, ​​Spain

The Pulitzer is unabashedly upscale, and the public spaces are decorated with velvet sofas, painted bookshelves lined with books, and a collection of contemporary and vintage artwork. It’s bold and clean, but it’s definitely not that. The rooftop terrace is a real treat and perfect for a sunset cocktail.

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Sir Victor Hotel
Barcelona, ​​Spain

The most distinctive aspect of the Sir Victor Hotel is its facade, designed by architect Julie Cappella, where limestone panels curve like turned pages, allowing enough sunlight into the guest rooms. This is perhaps Barcelona’s most tranquil and contemplative boutique hotel, thanks to its rubber-lined hallways, ultra-serene spa, and rooftop pool bar with fantastic views of the Sagrada Familia and Casa Milá.

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Arai Hotel Apartments
Barcelona, ​​Spain

In an 18th-century building still decorated with original ornamentation—an extensive wall decoration that falls somewhere between a fresco and a sculpture—original building materials come naturally throughout. Exposed beams make large rooms look positively cavernous, and high ceilings allow for some stunning floor-to-ceiling windows. Although the outdoor pool is not quite Olympic size, it is as elegant and glamorous as the rest of the hotel.

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Hotel 1898
Barcelona, ​​Spain

Housed in the building that once housed the Philippine Tobacco headquarters, this hotel is urban, but definitely has a resort feel (despite being incongruously placed on the corner of Pintor Fortuny and La Rambla – Barcelona’s famous market street). One of the hotel’s two swimming pools is located on the terrace, next to a cocktail bar serving homemade aperitifs.

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Barcelona is one
Barcelona, ​​Spain

The One definitely looks like the five-star hotel it is. Throughout the hotel and its 89 guest rooms there is plenty of marble, mirrors and gold accents, all elegantly designed – the handiwork of designer Jaime Beriestain, whose studio also designed much of the furniture. If you’re looking for city views, head straight to the rooftop and its plunge pool, which offers great views of Barcelona’s skyline.

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Oh, Eixample
Barcelona, ​​Spain

The facade with its repeating geometric patterns announces that Ohla Eixample is no ordinary hotel. And behind this façade is modernism of the most utopian and optimistic kind – if it weren’t for the blazing Mediterranean sun outside, you might have been wondering whether you were in Stockholm or Copenhagen. The rooms strike a thoughtful balance between high-fashion simplicity and welcoming warmth. As for public spaces, the pool and rooftop bar provide an alternative to the Michelin-starred restaurant.

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Top photo: Mercer Hotel – Barcelona

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