Revealing the 2024 Porsche Panamera cabin with three screens

Revealing the 2024 Porsche Panamera cabin with three screens

  • Porsche showed off the interior design of the 2024 Panamera, which will be fully revealed on November 24.
  • There are three screens on the dashboard, ranging from the 12.6-inch instrument cluster to the center screen and a screen for the front passenger.
  • The gear selector moves to the dashboard, reducing clutter on the center console.

A major overhaul of the Porsche Panamera is just around the corner, with the next-generation model making its debut on November 24. And after we drove a camouflaged prototype of the agile four-door earlier this year – finding it to be fast and confident for many miles on the road – Porsche has decided to reveal the interior of the 2024 Panamera, which shows off what appears to be a stylish and intuitive cabin.

A peek inside the Panamera

Porsche says the “driver-focused” design draws on lessons learned from the Taycan electric car and highlights that controls directly related to driving are all clustered around the steering wheel for easy use on the go. As in other Porsches, the drive mode selector and gauge cluster toggle switch are located on the steering wheel. The 12.6-inch instrument cluster has a curved design, while the optional head-up display can also be controlled from the steering wheel.


The 2024 Panamera follows in the footsteps of the Taycan by moving the gear selector to the dashboard, where it is located between the instrument cluster and the central touchscreen. This frees up space in the center console for the climate controls, which use a combination of physical and touch controls. The air vents are now limitless and fully electronically controlled, with the option to set up custom climate control modes. The capacity of the central storage box also grows.

Porsche did not reveal the size of the main touchscreen, but it was linked to a second screen – also of unspecified dimensions – in front of the passenger, a trend that has become increasingly prevalent as an optional extra, appearing in cars such as the 2024 Mercedes E-Class or the Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Rear seat passengers get their own screen to control climate, music and seat comfort settings. The analog clock remains mounted above the dashboard, while ambient lighting extends across the width of the dashboard, a first for Porsche.

Porsche Panamera 2024 from the inside


Better seat foam materials are said to improve comfort, and long-wheelbase Executive models feature a “newly contoured rear seat system” that should improve ergonomics for rear-seat passengers. Porsche also says it will for the first time offer non-leather upholstery options in the Panamera, mentioning materials such as Race-Tex, a sporty microfiber made partly from recycled polyester, or Pepita fabric, more commonly known as houndstooth. More details about the Panamera, including the specific sizes of the two front touchscreens, will be revealed at the end of this month.

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