Rental Apartment Decoration Hacks – with Sara Sham, Kavya Sheth and Manasvi Bachhav

Rental Apartment Decoration Hacks – with Sara Sham, Kavya Sheth and Manasvi Bachhav

The number of millennials staying in rentals is on the rise, along with couples in their late 30s and 40s who are grappling with the affordability of family homes. Interior designers Sarah Sham of Essajees Atelier, Kavya Sheth of Studio Ruh, and Manasvi Bachhav of The Architecture Company believe you. Must decorate These homes, even if you can’t call them your own. Here are some decorating tips on how to personalize your rental apartment –

Paint, wallpaper and panels

The quickest way to make a dent on the budget is to paint. Large rooms are more suitable for light colors, while deep colors liven up small rooms. It is necessary to take into account the natural light entering the space and the direction of the room (north, south, east or west) to choose the appropriate shade of paint. “In my personal experience, most landlords offer the option of freshly painting your home before you move in, so the best solution is to decide on the shade before you move in,” says Sarah.

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Yadnish Joshi

Walnut-stained wood stain creates a luxurious and ornate backdrop to the dining area of ​​this rental property, designed by Towell Auto Centre.

Shitalwala demanded

Patterned wallpaper in the nursery by Essajees Atelier.

Sticking to neutral shades is often the best way to keep landlords happy, and they also provide a flexible backdrop for all your real investments – things you can take with you when you move. Kavya recommends using glossy paint, textured wallpaper, or modular MDF panels on feature walls. “Fluted wall cladding instantly lifts walls. It is easy to varnish or paint, and can be up to full height or as a wood overlay,” adds Manasvi.


Ugly floors are a common problem in rentals. “SPC (luxury vinyl plank) flooring is a great solution,” advises Sarah. “It can be easily installed over existing flooring, and within a few thousand rupees, giving the space a contemporary look. The three designers unanimously agree that good quality carpets and rugs are investments that tenants should make.” Not to be ashamed of them. Rugs anchor a space, define areas, and add texture and warmth while camouflaging scratched or worn floors. Sisal and jute rugs are an excellent choice for those on a limited budget.

Yadnish Joshi

This beautiful round rug brings a mid-century vibe to this living room designed by TAC.

Layered lighting

“When choosing a rental apartment, prioritize large windows and balconies to allow an abundance of natural light into your home,” Sarah recommends. “A great hack to enhance the feeling of space is the open-plan layouts and clever placement of mirrors to reflect light, volumes and greenery,” adds Kavya.

Most owners neglect artificial lighting. Lighting is the perfect starting point to enhance your rental. Think about layering lighting, where balancing and adjusting the intensity of light can create magic in a room. Directional downlights enhance the art, while floor lamps and reading lamps glow softly. Pendants work wonders above kitchen islands, and in bedrooms, dim lighting facilitates productivity and breaks from routine. “Wall sconces can be used as bedside lamps, above a piece of art, or as consoles,” says Manasvi.

Yadnish Joshi

In this bedroom designed by Towell Auto Centre, brass wall sconces add a gentle glow.

Don’t forget to pay attention to switches, plugs and sockets. Hide them with clear acrylic, match them with your room decor (wallpaper or paint), or choose antique-style covers made of brass or antique wood.

Major investment pieces

It’s better to spend money on things you can take with you to the next home. Invest in essential pieces like a good sofa, armchair and comfortable mattress. Furniture can always be turned around by polishing it and reupholstering it with custom fabrics and textiles. Sometimes, appliances can be statement pieces as well, for example, a large Smeg refrigerator in an eye-catching color.

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An 8-seat dining set made of solid teak enhances the dining space of this rental. Designed by Sarah Sham of Essajees Atelier.

final touches

Beautifully decorated windows provide an excellent finishing touch. You can elevate affordable cotton and linen curtains with decorative embellishments. Bringing color and a feeling of life into your space can be achieved through artwork, pillows, throws and bed covers. Building an original art collection doesn’t have to break the bank; Many online galleries offer affordable prints. Vintage art or prints hung in an unexpected way, incorporated into gallery walls, or placed on shelves can lift a space, making it feel complete.

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Plants have just as much power as a piece of art or antique to make a room sing.

Shitalwala demanded

A grid of 6 photographs showcasing iconic buildings in Mumbai brings this master bedroom together.

“Upgrade your door, wardrobe, kitchen and bathroom cabinet handles.” Kavya confirms. Potted greenery and fresh flowers (signs of life) can liven up a dreary rental apartment. “Some indoor plants for those secluded corners and some more for the shelving unit design are a must,” concludes Manasvi.

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