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Looking for “Harry Potter” Halloween inspiration? These decor ideas will amaze guests

Halloween is a time for Harry Potter fans to leave their absurd lives behind. Whether you’re planning a spooky display in the front yard or just for a wizarding gathering, our “Harry Potter”-inspired Halloween decorations and party ideas are sure to bring the magic of Hogwarts this season. What’s more, you can keep many of these special items as collectibles.

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Highlight a famous “Harry Potter” scene or place

Potions class in dungeons

Aofoto Chemistry Laboratory Background 7x5ft

The dreary dungeon setting where Hogwarts students study potion making is the perfect setting for a Halloween party. Hang this Potions Class backdrop and bring a life-sized Severus Snape glow to your party guests. Cover your food and drinks table with a black tablecloth and place snacks in this cauldron Skull candy bowls. Display this replica of the Felix Felis potion and complete the setting with these little vintage bottles and dosage labels.

Forbidden Forest

Best flickering flame vintage LED lantern

Flickering flame vintage LED lantern

Some of the scariest parts of the Harry Potter series take place in the Forbidden Forest, home to many dark and dangerous creatures. You can create a Forbidden Forest display indoors or outdoors. For an indoor display, set a dark forest background to set the scene. Hang vintage-style lanterns and a dementor-like Grim Reaper figure. Recreate Aragog the Acromatula’s lair with these giant spiders and stretchy fake cobwebs, and serve food on this gothic-inspired tablecloth.

Harry and Voldemort confront each other in the graveyard

Grave Grim Reaper for Halloween

Design Toscano DB159491 resting in cut Halloween grave stone

The legendary scene in which Lord Voldemort returns and fights Harry in the graveyard after the Triwizard Tournament would make an epic backyard show. Place this life-sized Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort’s breakers in your front yard. Set this Tom Riddle gravestone And a Grim Reaper statue nearby, along with a Triwizard Cup and a large cauldron resembling the one Voldemort emerges from. Scatter this tombstone collection Around the grass and on top of the gravestones are creepy crows.

Platform nine and three quarters

Best brick wall party backdrop

Brick wall party backdrop

Platform Nine and Three Quarters at King’s Cross Station is where young witches and wizards begin their journey to Hogwarts. Party guests can enter the magical platform through the red brick wall curtain. Place your Platform Nine and Three Quarters wall banner and Hogwarts Express train compartment backdrop, and complete the look with this set of vintage-style prop bags. Serve food and drinks with this rustic, witch cart style bar cart.

Grand Hall

Best Raycare Set of 24 Flameless LED Taper Candles

Raycare Set of 24 LED Flameless Candles

Every Halloween, Hogwarts students enjoy a lavish feast in the Great Hall. Use a star projector to mimic an enchanted ceiling and hang floating LED candles and pumpkin lanterns. Cover your food and beverage table with a faux wood tablecloth to mimic home tables, and have guests use gold plates, cutlery, and glasses just like those in the Great Hall. Hang Hogwarts house signs and fire bowl lights, and decorate the walls with bat posters.

Gryffindor common room

The Northwest's finest woven blanket, the Gryffindor shield

Northwest Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket, Gryffindor Shield

Bring the cozy atmosphere of the Gryffindor common room to your Halloween party with this themed backdrop. Hang this Gryffindor crest tapestry and Gryffindor common room entrance poster Featuring the fat lady. Cover your food and drinks table with a festive red and gold tablecloth To match the colors of Gryffindor house.

Hogwarts Library

Tosnail's Best 2 Decorative Book Bins

Tosnail Decorative Book Boxes 2-Pack

Recreate Hogwarts’ massive library with this Magic bookshelf wallpaper And Vintage book decor. Add a replica of the Book of Monsters for a subtle nod to Hagrid’s Care of Magical Creatures class.

More Harry Potter Halloween ideas.

Quidditch Corner

Best Harry Potter: Quidditch Collectible Set - Accessory

Harry Potter: Quidditch Collectible Set – Accessory

A Quidditch display can liven up a corner of your party room. With Harry’s Nimbus 2000 broom and this Quidditch box set Containing quaffles, bulgur and golden washi, you’re all set.

Ghost light show

Best Gemmy Industries Hk Chasing Ghosts Lightshow

Jimmy Industries Hong Kong Ghost Hunting Projector

The spirits that inhabit Hogwarts Castle add to its unique character. This ghost show It creates an ethereal light show and will give trick or treaters a real scare.

Themed dining and drinks table

Arcadio Best 30 Piece Cupcake Toppers Set

Arcadio 30-Piece Cupcake Toppers Set

Start by covering your table with a Hogwarts themed tablecloth. Make your own golden washi by decorating with Ferrero Rocher chocolate With these Mini winged cupcake toppers. Decorate snacks with magical themed cupcake toppers and food stickers. Serve the classic Bertie Bott’s All Flavor Beans and Butterbeer drinks. Create desserts using chocolate frog molds and consult the Harry Potter Cookbook, which features recipes for classic dishes from the series, like Harry’s favorite treacle tart and delicious pumpkin pies.

Horcrux display

The best Harry Potter Dark Arts collectible set

Harry Potter Dark Arts Collectible Set

Voldemort’s Horcruxes are a testament to his evil nature and make for a great display. You can assemble the set using Salazar Slytherin’s ring and pendant; Helga Hufflepuff Mug; Rowena Ravenclaw’s Lost Wreath; Snake head mounted on the wall He represents Nagini; Dark Arts Collectible Set Features a Death Eater mask, Tom Riddle’s diary, and a basilisk fang; And for the last Horcrux Voldemort never intended to make a life-sized image of Harry himself.

Harry Potter wall decor.

Life-sized character pieces

The best cardboard people Harry, Hermione and Ron in robes

Cardboard figures Harry, Hermione and Ron wearing robes

Life-sized cut-outs of iconic Harry Potter characters will help create a magically immersive experience – and are also great for posing and capturing memorable photos. You can find cliparts featuring a variety of characters, including Albus Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Draco Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, Cedric Diggory, Luna Lovegood, Dobby the House Elf, Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Props and collectibles

Best harry potter marauders map

Harry potter marauders map

If you’re obsessed with the Harry Potter series, throwing a themed Halloween party is the perfect excuse to start or add to your collection. Aside from the items we’ve already featured, there’s the Philosopher’s Stone, Hermione’s Time-Turner, Marauder’s Map, Sorting Hat, several magic wands, a chocolate frog with Dumbledore’s trading card, a wizard’s chess set, and a mandrake. And Hedwig Amaranth.

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