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It’z Smackin’, “A Taste of Miami” as the slogan touts, is a new restaurant and bar
Merging the vibrancy of Miami nightlife with the performance of Tallahassee.

The rustic metal bar stools and neon wall decor embody the inviting and youthful nature
From Miami restaurants. It’z Smackin’ recently opened in place of the Railroad Square Craft House
July and stormed the city of Tallahassee.

shared by Dominic Zito, one of the partners who brought It’z Smackin to Tallahassee
The decision to open the restaurant and the idea behind it.

“I’ve lived in Tallahassee since 2014, went to Florida State University and noticed that it really lacked a lot
“From cultural food,” Zito began. “My partner and I are from Miami, so I thought which one would be better
An opportunity to bring some of the new ideas, foods and feelings that Miami brings
Society has little taste of our homeland.

They did it! The menu is inspired by the different restaurants that Zito and her partners frequent
In Miami as well as late night food trucks like the Miami Sampler. The menu combines Latin
A mix of cultures like Bread With Steak from Cuba, Lomo Saltado from Peru, and Grill
From Argentina.

Jasmine Modi got a taste of her hometown of Tallahassee during her new experience
Restaurant for the first time last month.

“The restaurant theme was so on point!” Moody said. “I’m a Miami native
“100% felt like I was back home.”

Modi continued to discuss her dining experience.

“The waiter checked on us frequently, especially since we didn’t order much. He was very helpful
Busy but it seemed like everyone was doing their part to keep customers happy.
Jaylan Fuller, who visited the restaurant on Tuesday, got her first overall experience
The time is there.

“I love the way the restaurant is decorated and the ambiance. The music could have been better and more
“Consistent,” Fuller said. “They had good drink specials and $4 tequila shots
“I had fun.”

Aliaga Brown, unfortunately, did not have the same experience she expected when she last visited
Friday night.

“We got there and there were tables open but the hostess was walking around and wouldn’t say hello
“She took the time to sit us down,” Brown said. “We asked to sit outside and it’s just her
They threw us at this table in the front. Then they brought us water, without rules, and we had it
Metal tables, so the cups were sliding all over the table.”

Although Brown’s experience wasn’t what she had hoped for, she did mention one thing she would go for
Back were the drinks.

“The drinks were amazing and beautiful, I think if you’re looking for something aesthetically good
“The fun drink definitely goes to It’z Smackin,” Brown said. “I ordered a Miami Mojito and it was just that
It was really good.

It’z Smackin’ has achieved popularity with most of its audience. Since opening
They have many events ranging from Latin nights to the upcoming “Blame It On the Brunch.”
A daily event will take place on Sunday, September 17 at 2 p.m. Come and experience “Taste of Miami!”

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