Quorum announces the appointment of project designer Gabriel Winter. Winter currently works with the company’s animal care team and is excited about the opportunity to work with different teams on a variety of projects.

Having worked at larger firms on numerous civic, higher education, healthcare, and public arts projects, Winter brings years of design and creativity experience to this position.

“I wanted to provide a family atmosphere that a smaller company could provide, where teams are less isolated,” Winter said. “Quorum has the flexibility and culture I was looking for.”

Since joining Quorum, Winter has focused on improving the design of the City of Mansfield’s new animal adoption center project. He is also keen for opportunities to assist Quorum’s entertainment and retail design teams.

“Gabe is incredibly creative and talented,” Principal Kim Dodie Hickman says of Winter. “His unique approach to design results in simple, sophisticated solutions that our clients can embrace.”

Before discovering his passion for architecture, Winter was a pre-med major, following in his father’s footsteps as a veteran Air Force psychiatric nurse. However, architectural history classes changed the course of his life, leading him to excel at Texas Tech University’s School of Architecture.

“No matter the size or type, I have enjoyed and learned from every design project – each one presenting new opportunities and puzzles to solve,” adds Winter.

Winter gets equally excited when he talks about his love of roller coasters. He spends much of his free time riding it and drawing. He’s looking forward to exploring the world’s theme parks and adding to his tally, having ridden no fewer than 120 different roller coasters so far.

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