Pokemon Reggie Smart Ground Type Fan Designs

Pokemon Reggie Smart Ground Type Fan Designs


  • A Pokemon fan artist created a Ground-type Reggie, inspired by two diamond-shaped road signs another Redditor saw.
  • The design, called Regiroad, features Registeel arms and resembles a unicycle, with seven red dots on its face.
  • Pokemon fans have praised the artist for his unique design, and it remains to be seen what other creations fans will come up with in the future.

a Pokemon The fan artist took to social media to post his design of the Ground-type Regi and revealed the inspiration behind the design of this legendary Pokemon golem. After their position, and others Pokemon Fans shared in praising the artist for pursuing the design after seeing the inspiration behind it.

starting from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, the legendary giants known as Regis are a group of golem Pokemon that have become a recurring staple in the series as a post-game activity. While Regirock, Regice, and Registeel all first appeared in the Hoenn Region, two newer Regis named Regieleki and Regidrago appear in The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Despite their unique designs, legendary golems share some distinct characteristics. These single-type Pokémon have Braille-like patterns on their bodies, and all but one of Regi’s have a total base stat of 580. The only exception is Regigigas, the “master” of these legendary golems, who has a total base stat of 580. 670, making it One of the most powerful legendary Pokemon at the time of writing. Although there are only six official Regis, one Pokemon fan sought to make another.

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On Reddit, A Pokemon A fan named Kelpo911 took to the r/Pokemon subreddit to post their interpretation of Ground-type Regi. The OP called this creation “Regiroad,” which explained the inspiration. Although other types of Regis have been dreamed of Pokemon Fans, the Regiroad design was taken from two diamond-shaped road signs that another Redditor named Stuffydude_yt saw. The top mark had nine red dots, and the bottom mark had two arrows pointing down, left and right. As for Regiroad itself, the Ground-type Pokemon had Registeel arms, and looked similar to a unicycle. The red dots from the aforementioned sign were used for the Regiroad’s face, which resembles Braille, albeit with seven dots. The arrow sign is divided into two parts, with at least one arrow pointing upward.

For their work, the OP has been praised before Pokemon Fans. One user commented that the design somehow worked with a ground-type Regi device if it existed. Between fan-made designs of different types of legendary golems and Paradox forms of Regis that exist, only time will tell what comes next from the fantasy Pokemon Fans.

With the Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon scarlet and purple Arriving on December 14, there were discussions between Pokemon Fans who will have the return of the former legendary Pokemon. It remains to be seen whether Regis will be among them.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Commercial franchise


November 18, 2022

Strange game

Nintendo, The Pokemon Company


E for all due to mild fantasy violence

How long to win
31½ hours


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