Pixel Perfect Decor was launched to provide gamer room design ideas

Pixel Perfect Decor was launched to provide gamer room design ideas

PixelPerfectDecor.com launched today, offering gamers the ability to elevate their gaming rooms to match the player visuals and designs they experience in the games they love. AlphaGraphics Cary is a website builder and e-commerce engine owner and decided to develop the gamer’s website based on decades of experience working with a large game developer in Cary, NC. The experience of transforming characters and scenes from games demonstrated the company and employees’ enthusiasm for creating unique, real-world spaces using artwork from games.

It all started because of the pandemic, said Eric Webb, owner of AlphaGraphics in Cary. “As a commercial printing company, signage company and marketing provider, we have struggled during the coronavirus crisis. There has not been a lot of printing going on. “We have already been creating large artwork and character pieces for game studios around the world. When I learned that all 4,000 local employees at a major game developer were working remotely, I pitched to my contacts at that studio the idea of ​​creating an employee art portal so employees could order canvases, acrylics, cutouts, and full vinyl wraps for their home offices. They jumped at it, and the AlphaGraphics program helped Cary keep going. “We decided to open this concept to other game developers as well as casual players.”

More than three years of experience taking requests from game developer employees helped AlphaGraphics in Cary determine that there was a market for game decor, and after six months of curating artwork, artists and products, they developed Pixel Perfect Decor.

“We are still developing order portals for specific game developers and their employees, where only employees can order, but we also know that there are gamers out there if given some design ideas, an art library, and the ability to upload their own art to print on canvas, acrylic, or paper.” , or as a complete wall covering, they will elevate their game rooms,” via Webb.

PixelPerfectDecor.com offers artwork from various files, but also offers room design ideas, gaming accessories, lighting, and furniture. They continue to search for artists who create original game-style art and pay them a fee for each piece of their art created. If you are an artist and have an original artwork that you would like to be considered for on the site to obtain royalties for each piece sold, contact info@pixelperfectdecor.com.

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