P2B: Architect Panzarz is a coach at Stéphanois and a professor at the Belgian Federation

P2B: Architect Panzarz is a coach at Stéphanois and a professor at the Belgian Federation

Reynald Bensarts and his two partners own an architectural firm. “We manage around forty architects spread across our offices in Itter and Liège. From a more personal point of view, I am interested in everything related to design and urbanism, with major projects in Wallonia.”

Among its recent achievements are the new Courbevoie district in Louvain-la-Neuve, the stationery district in Mont-Saint-Guibert, and the Rive-Ardentes district in Liège. “I have busy days working and training at Stefano, knowing that I am also responsible for the ACFF UEFA B sessions on Monday evenings. But it all matches my personality because I like to move.”

Originally from Guemblou, Raynald is married to Christelle, who works as a midwife at the Ottignies Clinic. Her two children, Thomas (25 years old) and Laure (23 years old), practice swimming. “Laure is at a high level. She competed in the European Under-16 Championships a few years ago.”

His son also played football but did not persevere, unlike his father. “As a player, I was an attacking midfielder, an old-fashioned No. 10. I did part of my training at Sporting de Charleroi while I was in the first team, between 20 and 27 years old. I played in Gembloux and Meux, in promotion and P1.”

It is unfortunate that he did not play at a higher position, but at the age of 27, a serious knee injury and the end of his studies forced him to make the wise decision to stop playing. “I got a taste of football again when I was about 35 when my son wanted to play football. I followed him to Chastre where I met a lot of beautiful people.”

He starts taking training courses, and trains young people, “At the bottom of the ladder, where the word training has its full meaning.”This is through his interactions during his lessons with trainers such as Taquin, Kostovich, or Valin “I got a taste of training.”

Still at Chastres, he became Youth Coordinator and then took on the position of P3 which he promoted to P2. But he did not stay at the club and took charge of Or-Namur national team before heading to Rexensart where he coached the U-19 team, becoming youth coordinator and then T1 of P2.

Here he is now, for four years at Stéphanois, where he coaches the P2 team, after coaching the under-16 team and then the P3 team, which he took to one of the divisions. A graduate of UEFA, the man who lives in Mont Saint Guibert is ambitious but within his means. “If I could train in P1 one day, it would be interesting and still be compatible with all my activities.”

pronunciation of sis

Walhain – Opain2

Lassen Ohain B – Runfau1

S Brian – La Holby2

Weaver-Limal – Rexenartex

Etterbeek – Saintes 1

Stefano – Lowe1

Klapik-Chaster 1

Brian B – Villiers X

Last week, Michael Guion (ES Braine) achieved a score of 2/8.

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