Oracio was born in Milan, where clothing finds a new definition of “perfection” within the walls of Tadao Ando

Oracio was born in Milan, where clothing finds a new definition of “perfection” within the walls of Tadao Ando

a prayerOr rather the O ratio, like the ideal geometry of a circle and the golden ratio: the golden section applied to clothing, in quite recent research.

This is how Oratio comes to life Inside the walls designed by Tadao AndoIt is a space that is almost sacred if it is affected by “the wonderful obsession towards excellence,” as the boutique presents it to the public. Oratio is a world of places, we read, imaginary spaces like one Perfect wardrobeWhere you can find the most expensive pieces in your wardrobe: ready to wear at any time and for all your needs. Showroom of three hundred and sixty square metres Divided over two floors, it has been elegantly remodeled and furnished by Tito Cannella Architetti, Ciuffrida and Guardini. The softness and colors of Oratio’s collections interact with Tadao Ando’s iconic geometric perfection and material precision, designing a world created in contrast.

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A visual as well as tactile experience, bringing to the clothing search that contemporary elegance that embodies the uncompromising quality of clothing. It is the lowest common denominator among the Oratio collections, and is intended for anyone who wants to stand out in their own style on informal occasions, as well as on more intimate occasions. The feeling of belonging to an “inner circle” is the natural result of a lifestyle that unites customers, which they share regardless of location or age. a Club feeling Giving a very personal style in every detail.

To crown Oracio’s dream, an aesthetic built on silent rules of perfection designed a men’s collection able to communicate, with a single glance, the balance between form and content. The game is reflected in the origin of the name itself, the O ratio, refers to this, which refers to the impeccable canons of the golden section. The same thing that philosophers and artists considered the ideal proportion, a universal standard of beauty and harmony, and which inspired O for the boutique. “Handmade” to discover Via Santo Spirito 22in the heart of Milan’s fashion district, for clothes that realize the slow, timeless and inimitable melody of gestures and craftsmanship.

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