Two building projects in North Kesteven have been selected as among the best in the East Midlands and have been put forward for national recognition in the local authority’s Building Watch Awards.

The windmill conversion at Scopwick and the school expansion at Norton Disney were deemed best in their respective categories compared to other categories submitted from across the five counties in the East Midlands.

As clients of North Kesteven District Council’s Building Control Service, they have already won council awards for building excellence and are now recognized nationally.

Lincoln builder Rob White also won the regional category for best small residential and commercial builder, and a council showcase scheme of eight Passivhouse council homes built to the highest energy efficiency standards in Potterhanworth won the award for best small scale housing development.

The Windmill at Scopwick is a self-built conversion and extension of a historic windmill that was last used a century ago. The applicant had a vision and architect David Parish delivered that vision. With the use of vintage photographs to restore included features and innovative methods to meet modern safety standards, the skill, craftsmanship and methods used on this self-build project ensure it is completed to the highest standards.

Witham Prospect School at Norton Disney is a classroom extension that includes a student dining area, designed by Ryland Design Services. The multi-functional educational space has created a comfortable, spacious and bright facility that has all the necessary amenities to enhance the opportunity for a brighter start to life. The extension blends seamlessly into its surroundings and is overall a very aesthetically pleasing, functional design. Proactive site management, maintained through a comprehensive health and safety approach, resulted in outstanding project delivery.

Rob White has 20 years’ experience in trading, the last seven of which he has been self-employed. He is an excellent builder who shows a tremendous amount of customer care and pride in his work with the motto that the work he produces should be good enough for his home.

In Potterhanworth – eight highly energy efficient homes for North Kesteven District Council, designed by Low Carbon Box, have been built by Lindum BMS, to international Passivhaus standards for airtightness. Its exceptional design and implementation stops unnecessary air movement, avoiding loss of warmth.

The Passivhaus inspector’s feedback was exceptional, placing these advanced homes in the top 1% for air tightness in the UK. Real estate is an example of what can be achieved through innovative thinking, insight and exceptional engagement.

In all cases, the expertise and guidance of North Kesteven District Council’s Building Control Unit contributed to a successful outcome.

Mr. Mark Smith, Executive Board Member with Special Interest in Building Control, Environmental and Public Protection Services, said:

“It is a great honor for projects and people across the region to be recognized nationally in the Local Authority Building Control Awards.

“As a region, we are very focused on high standards, in terms of building climate resilience, building for the future and building to a net zero standard to improve lives and environmental wellbeing.

“We also strive for the best in terms of design and sustainability for our distinct communities.

“Good luck to all candidates.”

By placing trust in the excellent, professional and good value services provided by North Kesteven District Council’s building control team, clients are also automatically eligible to have their projects nominated for LABC Awards. The architects, designers, builders, sub-contractors and property owners working alongside the building control team not only contribute to creating a better built environment, but also contribute positively to North Kesteven as a place where climate concerns are addressed.

The National Final will take place in London on Friday 19 January 2024, where the Scoopwick, Norton Disney and Rob White projects will be supported and celebrated.

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