Any way we can get a glimpse into the lives or inner workings of Mancunian icons, especially musicians, we’re all for it. Fortunately for us, it has been announced Noel Gallagher He will be showcasing his own guitar collection as part of the 150th anniversary celebrations of legendary instrument brand Epiphone.

IPhone 150y Anniversary: ​​Features Noel Gallagher’s guitar“It will run from September 27, 2023 to January 14, 2024 at the British Music Experience (BME) in Liverpool, and will feature four from the musician’s Epiphone guitar collection. It will include his guitars on display Epiphone Riviera With Bigsby from Definitely possible Album cover and it FT110 frontier used on (What’s the story) Morning Glory? registration.

The Beatles-George-Harrison-Epiphone-Guitar
Credit: Yebibhun

Riviera is Noel’s signature guitar line with Epiphone, inspired by his long-standing love for the maker, which began with the Beatles.

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“I wanted to start playing Epiphones because of the Beatles,” Noel said. “I didn’t know anything about guitars then. They sounded good. They felt good, and I could make them sound good. I’m a songwriter, not a guitarist. You know, that’s what “My thing. I’m not one of those people who can sit in a guitar store and play a lot of stuff. I’ll literally play an E chord, and if it sounds cool and feels good, I’ll just say, ‘Yes, I’ll take it.'”

Epiphone guitars sofa
Credit: Yebibhun

It was Epiphone instruments Used throughout recording sessions For albums Definitely possible And (What’s the story) Morning Glory?In 1996, oasis Titled two epic shows in Knebworthwith Noel using the Epiphone Sheraton in the 1990s for legendary performances.

Epiphone joined the Notorious Gibson In 1957, it revamped its line of guitars and made the brand visible to the likes of the Beatles, and eventually Noel himself. The partnership between the two brands has continued ever since, with each maintaining their reputation as the best of the best, alongside the younger ones Handrail.

Credit: Gibson

Experience British music Activity season Planned to support celebrations, including Grab an Epiphone From Gibson Brands Interactive Studio, which will be updated and restocked with a collection of the best Epiphone guitars – a A must visit For any guitar or general music enthusiast.

Access to Epiphone Gallery is Included with all general admission tickets Purchased, which you can pre-order here, or purchase from the website.

The British music experience is located in the middle of Liverpool’s Three Graces on the Mersey, in the Cunard Building, Liverpool, L3 1DS.

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