“Materials Tour for an Ecological Home” is a book that dreams of the “counter-model”

“Materials Tour for an Ecological Home” is a book that dreams of the “counter-model”

True eco-engineering, which recognizes its environmental and social impact, and supports the local economy, is possible. It was implemented in a modern farmhouse renovation project in Orne (Normandy) by the Anatomies d’Architecture collective. The latter illustrates this ideal example of the eco-renovation of a dilapidated 83-square-metre house in his latest work, “Materials Tour for an Eco-House”, published in October 2023 by Éditions Alternatives.

In 240 pages, the book narrates the private adventure of the group, which brought together three architects (Matthijs Rager, Emanuel Stern, Alice Mortamet) and an anthropologist (Raphael Walter). They spent 18 weeks on site and used 100% local and natural materials in this exceptional operation that Patyaktu will be able to visit in 2022.

Salute to the professionals

The book pays tribute to the actors who participated in the realization of this unique project and their expertise. From the woodcutter to the carpenter, professionals.”There are often very few praised in the construction world and they sometimes live in a state of precarity“It is provided.”Let’s take a chestnut tree as an example: it is a small sector. Hubert Brossault manufactures ganevils in collaboration with his company Chataing-Bois. You have provided us with exceptional material that deserves more appreciation“, says Patiacto Mathis Rager, co-author of this book, co-founder of Anatomies d’Architecture and architect of HMONP specializing in cannabinoids.The use of local players also ensures positive economic benefits for the region.

The professionals who participated in this project are highlighted in this book. © LA F. Por Patyakto

With passion and intelligence, Eco house materials tour Shows the materials used in this renovation. Hemp insulation, Douglas fir inlay, earthen coatings, recycled cork, reusing old bricks, robinia pile foundations… The architects began sourcing local materials, all from a 100-kilometre radius around the construction site. The authors seek to trace their origins, transformation and implementation. “In particular, we have circulated life cycle analyzes so that readers can understand this scientific and technical information.

A work of struggle and heritage

Many beautiful photographs and illustrations, reminiscent of comic books, decorate the book, as well as QR codes that provide direct access to the videos. road “To reach the general public and raise awareness“Because it is about that as well, addressing both building professionals and individuals. The group wants to show, through this work, that this approach to regeneration is “Partially repeatable“.”The book explains a concrete case to show what can be done at the local level.“, continues the architect. Moreover, the authors sometimes leave room for the words of experts, such as Jacques Le Bart, mechanical engineer in industrial design, to discuss the peculiarities of these materials in other areas.

Tour of Eco House Materials Anatomy of Architecture
Many illustrations are found in this work. © LA F. Por Patyaktu

However, this Norman house project is considered, by the group, as a “A credible counter-environmental model“To what is happening today in this sector. The architects have drawn up”Their military hat“to deliver the work”Policy“, meets Matthijs Rager.”In fact, it is political to decide to buy local wood instead of wood manufactured in China. We already have the resources and experience in France to implement health projects. This renovation is finally in line with the construction of the old buildings.Eco house materials tour It is, ultimately, a kind of sequel to the work A tour of France for eco-homesPublished by the group in 2020. Its goal? Show that the environment isA way to relearn ancient techniques and materials by applying a contemporary vision“.

Eco house materials tourfrom Anatomies d’Architecture, Editions Alternatives, publisher price: 28 euros.

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