Life in yellow Journalism

Life in yellow  Journalism

Photographers Journalism Travel across a city, a county, or sometimes around the world to capture the images you discover every day on our screens. We assigned them the task of taking photos on a common theme throughout their recent reports: the color yellow.

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From Florence to Tel Aviv via Montreal, Quebec and Estrie, the ten photographers who participated in the project focused their lenses on this warm, luminous colour. The color of sunshine and gold, it is often associated with joy, celebration, wisdom or even hope. Here’s how our photographers saw the color yellow through their lenses.

Photography by François Roy, Press

A deciduous tree that resists falling and lights up a forest at Baldwin Mills, near Coatecook, with its golden top.

Photo by Josie Desmarais, Press

Drag queen Denim poses for our photographer at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal, on the occasion of the first edition of the Rendez-vous de la Drag, at the end of October. The event is inspired by RuPaul’s DragCon held in Los Angeles, London and New York, and is the first showcase of French-speaking drag culture in Canada.

Photo by Patrick Sunfaun, Press

School buses at the Autobus Groupe Séguin car park, in Laval, on October 5. Laval made an electric transition in 2021 with the acquisition of 60 100% electric school buses from Quebec manufacturer Lion Électrique, while its fleet now numbers around 325 vehicles.

Photo by Robert Skinner, Press

A woman walks past a homeless man sleeping outside Place d’Armes metro station. While the city faces an unprecedented homelessness crisis, there are currently 5,500 accommodations in Montreal for people experiencing the condition.

Photo by Alain Roberge, Press

Made in 1981, Circles, a mural work by André Léonard consisting of dozens of dials in different colors made of polymeric concrete and stainless steel which can be admired at the Villa Maria metro station, creates an effect of movement as the opening is displaced from each dial. Oriented towards the exit, the yellow circles of the architect, to whom we owe the metro stations of Villa Maria, Henri Bourassa and the University of Montreal, evoke the sun.

Photo by Hugo-Sébastien Aubert, Press

End-of-day light illuminates autumn leaves as a yellow traffic light invites motorists to stop at the intersection of René-Lévesque Boulevard and Saint-Alexandre Avenue.

Photo by Robert Skinner, Press

Wearing yellow – including a headdress – this man was filmed in the Rosemont area and is reminiscent of Minions, small yellow creatures made famous by the animated film saga. Despicable me.

Photo by Dominique Gravelle, Los Angeles Press

A beam of light hides demonstrators gathered in front of the Israeli Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv on October 17 to demand the release of hostages held by Hamas following the deadly attack carried out by the Palestinian Islamic movement in Israel on October 7.

Photo: Edward Plante Frechette, Los Angeles Press

Inside the Louis-Jacques Cassault Pavilion at Université Laval, in Quebec. The former Grand Séminaire de Québec was incorporated into the campus in 1978. It is a joint work between the French architect Monk Dom Billot and the famous Québécois architect Ernest Cormier.

Photo by Josie Desmarais, Press

These chrysanthemums from Dragon Flowers, on Bernard Street in Mile End, catch the eye of this passerby in a yellow raincoat.

Photography: Marco Campanozzi, Los Angeles Press

A cyclist on the edge of La Fontaine Park in Montreal

Photo by Hugo-Sébastien Aubert, Press

Giant hand-shaped chairs attached to a parking meter in front of a store on Avenue Saint-Laurent.

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