The Block Leah and Ash They conducted a huge experiment in their master bedroom, which had a “very large curved ceiling.” After they pulled it off, the judges were definitely big fans. However, the couple’s design choices for these rooms left them scratching their heads.

Week 6 – Master bedroom and walk-in closet

points: 23 ½

spend: $32,371

Judges’ comments:

“How good!” – Marty.

“This is art” – Darren on the ceiling.

“I think they sold the dream last week… While that doesn’t mean the dream is largely sold, it means we’re being selective.”

“This is where all the work fails” – Shaina walking in her robe.

“It feels dramatic and expensive.” – Darren in a bathrobe.

Leah and Ash’s master bedroom. Credit: Channel Nine

A pink wall with a makeup mirror and black wardrobes on the left

Leah and Ash’s robe. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 5 – Living and Eating

Leah and Ash chose to switch up their living and dining spaces, and they put their all into their design, and it has definitely paid off. The judges loved the polarizing nature of this team’s design, and their boldness and confidence in their design choices.

points: 29

spend: $38,209

Judges’ comments:

“Wow! This hits you right between the eyes.” – Sheena.

“It’s extraordinary.” – Sheena.

“This is so hot” – Darren.

“I love it, I absolutely love it. But let’s be honest, it’s polarizing.” – Neil

“These guys are next level” – Sheena.

“We haven’t seen this aesthetic on The Block before.”

Wide shot of the living room with a large, curved lounge on the right, a TV on the far wall, and a purple armchair on the left.

Leah and Ash’s living room. Credit: Channel Nine

Wide shot of the dining room with a table in the middle, a red bar cart and circular artwork on the far wall.

Leah and Ash’s dining room. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 4 – Bathroom downstairs

Bloc Leah and Ash had a turbulent week with some clashes with merchants and changing their floor plan, but they pulled it off and it definitely paid off. The judges loved their basement bathroom this week, but there are some concerns about the overall cost effectiveness and budget as the competition progresses.

points: 27 +1

spend: $25,389

Judges’ comments:

“It’s harmonious, and feels luxurious. I love this zigzag pattern.” – Darren.

“They are consistent in their use of stone, and that quality is now really evident. Every room we pass through has this element of distinctive marble” – Marty.

“I think they give themselves a little freedom which makes me feel more comfortable” – Shayna on the floor plan.

Leah and Ash are standing in the bathroom, smiling.

Leah and Ash won over the judges with their basement bathroom. Credit: Channel Nine

Wide shot of the bathroom, with a vanity and towels hanging on the left wall and a toilet on the right.

Leah and Ash’s bathroom is downstairs. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 3-Work from home

points: 22.5

spend: $37,586

Judges’ comments:

“We know you handled it worse, you could have been defeatist about it, but you kept moving forward and that’s a credit to both of you…that’s magic” – Shayna

“That’s a really big swing… We said be bold again, and it sure is bold” – Darren.

“They’re in a family area and we don’t have one bedroom on the ground floor…they’re sitting in a very dangerous alley” – Marty.

A bold shelf with ornaments.

Leah and Ash’s daring work from home didn’t catch the judges’ attention. Credit: Channel Nine

Leah and Ash are sitting on chairs at the desk in their room.

Leah and Ash had a big swing in this room. Credit: Channel Nine


Week 2 – Guest bedroom

points: 21

spend: $20,219

Judges’ comments:

“It’s a really weird placement of furniture, we have 5 side tables, we have 2 chairs and no one can talk to each other” – Shaina

“It gives me, no offense to you, like a real estate showroom kind of vibe.” -Darren

“The pull-out Murphy bed is actually the wrong choice.” -Darren.

Chair on the right, table in the middle with a brown wall of cabinets on the left.

Lea and Ash’s guest room furniture choices confounded the judges. Credit: Channel Nine

Two black leather chairs on the left, white tables in the middle, and a wall of brown cabinets on the right.

Leah and Ash’s guest bedroom. Credit: Channel Nine

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Week 1 – Guest bathroom

points: 24.5

spend: $19,484

Judges’ comments:

“It’s like you’re in a nightclub…there’s a lot going on” – Marty.

“I love it! Love the details in here” – Darren.

“I definitely love love, but it can be polarizing. For me, I keep thinking I hope you know your market.” – Sheena

Leah and Ash are smiling and cuddling in the bathroom

Leah and Ash’s design choices surprised the judges. Credit: Channel Nine

Textured black wall and vanity.

Leah and Ash’s guest bathroom. Credit: Channel Nine

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