Knauf products at the Strasbourg Exhibition Center

Knauf products at the Strasbourg Exhibition Center

A warmer, more natural atmosphere, a more economical design, volumes that form an urban landscape open to the city: the Strasbourg Exhibition Center represents a new way of looking at architecture with these exhibition halls that mark the entrance to major cities that are often disconnected from urban life. The project was signed by the French office of architect Kengo Kuma.

In Strasbourg, the new exhibition center opened in September 2022, surrounded by a forest of columns made of glue-laminated French Douglas fir. In the Fakken area, between the European Parliament and the Palace of Music and Congresses, it houses four exhibition halls that invite constructive diversity by combining glass, steel, concrete and wood.

It is also in line with the ambitions of the Eurometropolis climate plan, “Strasbourg Eco 2030”: reducing consumption through passive strategies, extensive use of rooftop photovoltaic panels to produce green energy, and carbon reduction through the use of wood.

To create long-span halls without an intermediate point of support, the metal structure on the three main facades is framed by a wooden antenna that forms an imposing oceanic envelope of unprecedented height.

To meet the acoustic requirements of this multi-event venue, more than 6,000 square meters of organic and double-stranded organic wood wool acoustic tiles were installed:

Organic Twin is a multi-layer board consisting of a high-density rockwool core and two very fine woodwool facings.
The D-edge (detachable concealed frame) gives the ceiling a continuous, uniform appearance. These tiles are available in a full range of organic colors and patterns.

Why + Knauf
Aesthetic with removable hidden frame
Very high audio performance
Easy access to the plenary session
Natural product
Responding to HQE projects®

Project management : Eurométropole de Strasbourg/SERS (Delegated Project Management)
structural engineer : Kengo Kuma & Co. (Paris 11), Mathieu Woutling and Charlotte Brosseau
Technical design offices : OTE Collection (TCE) in Ilkirche (Bas-Rhin), and Elioth (facades) in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis)
Wooden construction company : Mathis Construction Bois in Motersholz (Bas-Rhin)
it costs : 120 million euros
Surface : 25,000 m2

In just a few numbers:

  • 5 typical halls distributed over 24,000 square meters
  • 900 parking spaces and 2023
  • The outdoor exhibition area is 7000 square meters
  • A 17-meter-high courtyard open to the outside

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