Kmart’s expanded home and living collection includes some very stylish furniture products to decorate your home on a budget. Here are some of our top picks for Kmart products that will spruce up your bedroom.

The most important bedroom furniture items Kmart

Georgia bedside table

Image: Kmart Australia

A good bedside table is the perfect companion in any bedroom and can ultimately help you define the style of the entire room. The Kmart Georgia Bedside Table provides storage space with two shelves as well as a stylish rounded wood look. This costs only $40.

Check it out here.

Weighted blanket

Image: Kmart Australia

Many sleepers can attest to the power of a weighted blanket, which is said to help relieve anxiety via acupressure. Naturally, Kmart has a more affordable option with their $45 weighted blanket, which comes in 7kg and is available in gray and blue. If you’re on the fence about the whole weighted blanket thing, here’s a cheaper way to test it out.

Order it here.

Hair box with window

Image: Kmart Australia

If your next problem is bedroom storage, especially for larger items like linens, a felt storage box like this one is perfect. It’s stackable and features a clear window that allows you to see exactly what you’ve stored inside.

Check it out here for $8.

Linen organizer

Image: Kmart Australia

Speaking of organization, keeping your bedroom drawers and closet clean and tidy just got a whole lot easier with a product like this. For $6, Kmart’s Linen Organizer offers what’s essentially a filing cabinet for your drawers, allowing you to fold and stack clothes in the organizer. If you have many organizers, you can also put them in your drawers, which will help you keep things neat and tidy.

Check it out here.

Throw a boucle

Image: Kmart Australia

Kmart’s Boucle collection of soft white furniture pieces has caused a stir on social media. A stylish addition to your bedroom is the soft and cozy Boucle Throw, which costs only $25. Even as we head into summer, a blanket is a great addition based on its aesthetics alone.

Buy it here.

LED candles

Image: Kmart Australia

Candles are a convenient addition to any space, but things get really cool with these Kmart LED candles that let you change the color of the light in a flash via the remote control. The set of 3 includes candles in different sizes, with over 10 different color lighting options available. All you will need to provide are AAA batteries and you will be able to run the candles for 4 and 8 hours.

Buy the candles here for $12.

Cubic unit

Image: Kmart Australia

One of IKEA’s very popular items, Kmart’s Cube Units are a similar, if not cheaper, solution to storage in your bedroom. The cube unit is versatile and can be placed horizontally or vertically and stacked with other cube units.

Provides 8 square storage shelves that you can pair with pull-out cube drawers or use as a shelf for books, clothes, or decorative items.

Get it from Kmart for $40.

Wavy floor mirror

Image: Kmart Australia

A good mirror is an essential part of any bedroom, and if your room doesn’t have one built-in, this wavy floor mirror could be the answer you’re looking for.

The mirror can be easily propped up and moved anywhere around your room and has an elegant wood frame that suits a variety of styles. It will cost you $75.

Check it out here.

While you’re here, if you’re looking for other Kmart recommendations for your home, check out our product guides for the office, kitchen and laundry room.

Main image credit: Kmart Australia

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