Ken Gorski joins Felder & Associates as Senior Architect | building and Construction

Ken Gorski joins Felder & Associates as Senior Architect |  building and Construction

November 10, 2023 – Felder & Associates, an award-winning Savannah architecture firm known for its expertise in historic preservation and commercial and luxury residential building designs, recently announced that Ken Gorski has joined the firm as a senior architect.

Gorski is responsible for managing and coordinating numerous projects and clients, including developing and maintaining project schedules, budgets and deliverables. Assists other project managers and develops workflow for junior fellows and interns, coordinates with diverse teams of engineers, consultants and government agencies as needed for assigned projects, and supports project selection, scope of work, proposals, scheduling, conceptual and client design. Meetings.

“Brian has dedicated his career to developing a reputation for excellence within the Savannah community and beyond, and I am excited to work with his team as we continue to evolve, improve and innovate,” Gorski said.

Gorski’s career has focused on providing practical and innovative design solutions to enhance communities and properties. He designs each project according to unique needs and variables, guided by the client’s desires and requirements. Starting with “arts and crafts” design concepts inspired by Saarinen and Wright, Gorski has adapted and customized his approach for a variety of clients, including builders, developers, investors, charities, homeowners’ associations, and individuals. His approach combines design, development, construction, business and customer service. Gorski aims to uphold Felder and Associates’ tradition of excellence and bring his signature design style and creative problem solving to Savannah Landscapes and other markets Felder serves.

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