Interior Image Group (IIG) today announced the promotion of CEOs Leslie Schultz, Sharon Belbisi, Mark Fognito and Keith Roy to new leadership positions.

Leslie Schultz, former vice president of design at Interior Image Group (IIG), has been promoted to chief design officer. With extensive experience leading and managing commercial and hospitality design projects over nearly two decades, Lesley has extensive knowledge in creating engaging environments. With a distinct passion for storytelling, Leslie oversees IIG’s creative direction and design, guiding the team to understand how people experience spaces and how to cultivate a sense of place through authentic storytelling. She has led IIG to develop award-winning design projects and gained a loyal client base to become a respected and sought-after design partner for many hotel owners and developers from coast to coast.

Leslie has demonstrated design leadership with IIG over the past seven years and her talent for storytelling has contributed to IIG achieving excellence in the upscale lifestyle and full-service hotel markets. As our newly appointed Chief Design Officer, Leslie will provide comprehensive strategic planning and ongoing oversight of all design and creative execution for IIG. Patty Tritschler, CEO, Interior Image Group (IIG)

Sharon Belbisi, former vice president of design at Interior Image Group (IIG), has been promoted to senior vice president of full-service design. Sharon brings a global perspective and more than 20 years of experience to IIG. Prior to joining IIG, Sharon worked with several leading design firms, such as Forrest Perkins/Perkins Eastman and DiLeonardo International. At IIG, Sharon works closely with the design leadership team to guide design for IIG’s lifestyle and full-service design projects, infusing a sense of story and community into each project. As a registered architect, Sharon also brings a strong sense of architectural perspective and construction knowledge.

Sharon has mastered the role of remote leadership during her time as Vice President of Design at IIG. As the newly promoted Senior Vice President of Design, Sharon will continue to grow our collective design team while contributing to the growth of IIG’s business. Patty Tritschler, CEO, Interior Image Group (IIG)

Mark Fognito, former director and director of project management at Interior Image Group (IIG), has been promoted to vice president of project management. With countless hospitality, corporate and upscale residential interior design experience spanning over 25 years, Mark Fognito has demonstrated expertise in construction documentation, project management and creative problem solving. As Vice President of Project Management, Mark is responsible for ensuring that all design projects meet IIG documentation standards, quality standards, and critical milestones, ensuring accuracy and efficiency to meet the needs of each project. Additionally, he plays an active role in the professional development and mentoring of the design team and project managers.

Mark is a proven leader and mentor who brings to our team decades of valuable project management and construction experience. He works hard to bring our design ideas to life every day, and as our VP of Project Management, Mark continues to raise IIG’s bar in the industry. Leslie Schultz, Chief Design Officer, Interior Image Group (IIG)

Keith Roy, former architectural lead at Interior Image Group (IIG), has been promoted to director and director of project management. With his extensive knowledge of all aspects of a project and strong technical skills, Keith is responsible for managing numerous large-scale developments and provides process-driven creative leadership in his current role as Director and Director of Project Management. In this position, Keith engages in a significant amount of team collaboration, manages project schedules and scopes, oversees design execution, and ensures quality documentation is provided to architects, consultants, hotel brands and owners. In addition to technical coordination and project management, Keith has a passion for coaching and mentoring his team.

As one of IIG’s Design Directors, Keith’s continued growth and experience over the past decade with IIG has been exceptional. We are pleased to elevate his role to Director and Director of Project Management for our full-service design team. Keith has demonstrated proven experience successfully leading and managing our projects, and has become one of our most respected and trusted design leaders. Leslie Schultz, Chief Design Officer, Interior Image Group (IIG)

About Interior Image Group (IIG)

Interior Image Group is one of the top hospitality interior design + branding and procurement firms in North America. With offices strategically located in Indiana, Chicago and Florida, IIG consistently receives numerous awards and accolades for its multi-dimensional work for top brands in the hospitality industry. From the ground up, adaptive reuse, and forward-thinking mixed-use sustainable developments, IIG is a sought-after design partner. With creativity and collaboration at its core, IIG’s multidisciplinary team is dedicated to crafting and telling thoughtful stories through original designs for each client and project. As one of the most respected and award-winning interior architecture firms in the hospitality industry, IIG balances a strong creative team with meticulous design execution.

Recently expanded purchasing department, Online by IIG, Provides exceptional procurement expertise, ensuring project timelines and budgets are met. Overline by IIG is a comprehensive procurement management company with over 100 years of combined industry experience in hospitality, multi-family and commercial enterprises. With a flexible team and a strong network of trusted suppliers, Troughline offers creative solutions to product availability, shipping delays and cost increases. Throughline prides itself on maintaining the highest standards in budget, timing and design integrity. From start to finish, IIG has the experience to see every project from concept to completion. IIG partners with all hospitality brands and independent boutique owners and operators.

To learn more about IIG and to view a selection of recent work, visit the Interior Image Collection (IIG).

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