Instant Page Builder unveils a feature to simplify building sections in Shopify

Instant Page Builder unveils a feature to simplify building sections in Shopify

Amsterdam —

Instant, the no-code visual Shopify page builder, has announced the launch sections, a groundbreaking new feature that simplifies the ease of creating custom Shopify sections. With this new feature, sections created with Instant Search can be edited directly in the Shopify editor, providing a seamless page design experience.

Sections: Instant creation and editing in Shopify

The Sections release represents a step forward in page building technology, providing unparalleled flexibility and integration capabilities. Compatibility of sections with any Shopify Online 2.0 theme and any type of page increases its appeal. This ensures that retailers can enhance the aesthetic appeal and user experience across their storefronts.

What sets Sections apart is its ability to convert sections created in the Instant Page Builder into native Shopify Liquid code. This includes the basic “schema” required for seamless integration with the Shopify theme editor, marketplace features, and meta fields, ensuring a smooth and intuitive design process.

App Island: Ensure compatibility with any Shopify app suite

in addition to, Instant’s new App Island feature It makes Sections fully compatible with any Shopify app suite. With App Island, users can specify where to insert App Cubes when adding them to the Shopify theme editor. This gives users a wide range of options to customize their online store.

These new features align with Instant’s mission of empowering anyone to create custom pages for their Shopify store. Along with this release, Instant has started giving early access to its beta product, so merchants can actually start building.

Sections will make it easier than ever for brands to create unique, custom Shopify sections for their online storefront.

“By offering sections, we aim to empower Shopify store owners to unleash their creative potential,” said Quinn Van Hise, co-founder and CEO of Instant. “Now, our builder and Shopify editor work side by side. We wanted to create a seamless experience for everyone, so with Instant, anyone can build.”

This latest feature from Instant will set a new standard for Shopify page building. Sections simplify the process of creating and editing custom Shopify sections for merchants.


Instant is a fully visual, no-code Shopify page builder. Currently, in its beta phase, Instant provides an intuitive, no-code solution so anyone can build fast, high-converting pages. Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Instant has raised $7.5 million in funding, and is backed by HV Capital, Hearst Ventures, and firstmini Capital. New users can now request early access to the instant beta.

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