In Vichy, the city plan evolves towards greater clarity

In Vichy, the city plan evolves towards greater clarity

The 500-meter protective perimeter around the historic monuments is evolving towards greater visibility in Vichy. As a property owner, it’s not always easy to navigate. What are their rights and duties regarding work and renewal? To address this problem, the city and the community launched a study aimed at creating a new area: the Designated Perimeter Area Plan (PDA).

Clarifying boundaries

It makes it possible to clarify boundaries by relying on the proximity of historical monuments, viewpoints or even the historical development of the areas, their cohesion and heritage interest.

Before the study, 96 hectares of land outside the SPR were affected by the scope of protection of 9 out of 50 historical monuments in Vichy. From now on, only 37 hectares will be affected by the new project. “This reduction is not insignificant, even if the procedures at the Town Hall remain the same. Simply put, fewer properties will be affected due to the need to resort to the opinion of a building engineer in France, allowing a faster investigation of the files,” explains Charlotte Benoit, First Assistant for City Planning.

beloved Why are so many construction sites being carried out at the same time in Vichy?

As a reminder, Vichy is subject to the Local Urban Planning Plan (PLU) which defines the rules applicable to each plot of land based on the main guidelines for land use planning. In order to better protect the ancient center, this PLU area is supplemented by a special area: the Superb Heritage Site (SPR). To increase efficiency, it was decided to rely on the strategic reserve to ensure the protection and preservation of the UNESCO perimeter.

To complement the UNESCO surroundings as well

Within the framework of the commitments undertaken by the city in the World Heritage registration process, it was necessary to supplement the UNESCO perimeter protection with a better modified buffer zone in the western part. This new, contoured setting of the surrounding areas fulfills this role.

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The PDA is accompanied by a book of recommendations intended to guide residents in their work procedures. All town planning files in this area are subject to approval by building architects in France, such as SPR. “We are also here to answer questions, so do not hesitate to come and see us at City Hall,” concludes Bertrand Raymond, consulting architect for the city.

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