Designing the rest space of your dreams can give you more nightmares than peaceful sleep.

Fortunately, Gareth Coxall, Marketing and Creative Director at Terrys, a British fabric brand known for offering the best selection of home furnishings, spoke exclusively to Fabulous about the simple tweaks you can make to your bedroom to spice things up. Welfare And relax without spending hundreds of pounds.

Navy and stone is the new white

Navy is a great option for those who don’t want the hassle of keeping white and white bedding.Credit: Terrys Palmeria Navy Blue Bedding Set

“With Google reporting ‘soft luxury’ as a standout trend, the autumn/winter bedding aesthetic is all about a neutral, timeless color palette, natural textures and high-quality fabrics,” said Gareth.

“Think crisp white cotton sheets – a high thread count is essential. If white isn’t practical for you, choose a classic color like navy or stone to add the tasteful vibe that’s integral to ‘relaxed luxury’.” ”

If you need inspiration, Gareth revealed that “the most popular bedding colors bought by Terrys customers are blue, green and grey, while white is fourth on the list of most popular colours.”

“This is likely because highly dyed fabrics show marks less easily than white, and these shades are very popular – they appear in the vast majority of UK homes,” he explained.

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Lines will always be classic

The more refined the pattern, the more luxurious the room will look.Credit: Therese

“In terms of style, precision is key,” Gareth commented. Lines and borders will always convey a classic and luxurious feel but so will the detail work in white on white.

No particular color or style of bedding looks inherently “cheap” – all colors and designs can look amazing if chosen wisely!

“If it’s your bedroom Features As a whole Domain Of colours, consider the shade of the bedding to match one of the other central colours, to encourage more aesthetic cohesion.

“If the bedroom is all white, choose a bold pattern or color to take center stage.

“Matthew Williamson’s latest collection is a testament to the fact that bright, extravagant design does not mean ‘tacky’ – rather, it speaks to a design aesthetic that leans towards embellishments and cheerful colours, a ‘loud luxury’ approach if you will.

“For ‘quiet luxury’, the opposite aesthetic approach should be adopted to achieve rich, luxurious interiors – stick to more subdued, neutral bedding shades.”

Nature has the answer

Neutrals and greens can “create an oasis of calm” for the bedroom.Credit: Terry Cassia Bedding Green

When looking for a color that will make your bedroom feel relaxing, Gareth said: This is completely personal preference and depends on what you want from your bedroom.

“Do you want to create calm oasis From calm, choose white and neutral colors to achieve a spa-like atmosphere.

“For those who find white too clinical, choose warm colors such as earthy pink, burnt orange and olive green, to replicate shades found in nature.

“Being surrounded by color as you drift off can be just as relaxing as sleeping on the equivalent of a blank canvas.”

Choose the fabric carefully

Waffle bedding is a great choice for a long-lasting comforter set.Credit: Therese

Gareth said: “Choose high quality materials to ensure you won’t be let down by fading, wobble or shrinkage.

“Some fabrics naturally last longer than others, such as polyester – which combines the breathability of cotton with the hard-wearing nature of polyester.

“Waffle-textured bedding sets usually last brilliantly, but silk and satin will require more care.

“You can help protect bedding by using a mild detergent and washing on a gentle cycle – harsh chemicals are rarely needed, which can actually deteriorate the fabric and cause skin irritation.”

Add textured accessories

The interior design expert revealed: “Objects of art will always exude luxury – what could look more expensive than items that have no distinct function?

“Aesthetes will recognize the design appeal of original artwork (but reproductions will be fine), beautiful lamps, sculptures and vases of fresh flowers.

“Richly textured accessories such as velvet scatter cushions, soft rugs and a woven blanket artfully draped at the foot of the bed or armchair add a touch of decadence to the bedroom, with the added bonus of actually serving a purpose.”

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