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  • Using PowerPoint Designer is easy; Simply enter text and images into your slides, click the Designer button, choose the suggested design, and make any necessary edits.
  • The designer can also create appropriate images, charts, and graphs based on the slide content, making PowerPoint a faster and more efficient tool for creating presentations.

Like many people (myself included), you may have moved from Microsoft PowerPoint to a more intuitive and interesting presentation software like Canva or Prezi. However, if you haven’t followed along, you may have missed PowerPoint’s killer feature: the Designer.

What is a designer?

The Designer is a tool in Microsoft PowerPoint that analyzes slide content and then makes suggestions for slide design. So, with one click, you can instantly capture text and images and turn them into a professionally designed slide.

Most importantly, even if you’re perfectly capable of creating great slides yourself, Designer still speeds up the process significantly. At the very least, it provides a better starting point than a blank slate, since many of its suggestions may already be close to what you want.

How to use the PowerPoint Designer as a shortcut to your presentation

Using the designer is very easy once you know how to do it. In this demo, we’ll use ChatGPT to create slide text, in this case, for a basic course on computer repair. Next, we’ll use Midjourney to create illustrations for each. If you want to know how you can use these AI tools to bring your presentation to life, we have a ChatGPT and Midjourney for PowerPoint guide that you can refer to.

Whether you use tools like these or write by hand, the first step is to place text and images on each slide. Simply type or paste the text into PowerPoint and add any relevant images. If you don’t have pictures, don’t worry. The designer can provide it in some cases. Don’t bother with the formatting or placement of any of your content.

Once you have all the text and images on your slides, click the Designer button on the far right of the Home tab.

PowerPoint Designer button

This will display a selection of suggested designs for your active segment. In some cases, the designer may open automatically, so if that happens, you obviously won’t need to do this step.

PowerPoint designer suggestion

Choose the design you like the most from the selection. If you don’t find anything close to what you want, you can choose to create more designs at the bottom of the list. Once you find a design you like, you can modify or edit any element of it.

Example of a Powerpoint designer slide

Repeat this process for each slide until you’ve finished the entire slide show and are ready to master this presentation. Note that on this slide, we never put an image, but based on the text and context of the presentation, the designer found some images and clip art that he thought would be appropriate.

Powerpoint designer ideas

If it thinks the text you entered is appropriate for your presentation, it will also create charts and graphs in the form of infographics, which can save a lot of time.

You still have to do things like adjust slide timings or add slide notes, but with the Designer feature, PowerPoint has gone from the most tedious way to create a slide show to one of the quickest ways to get that common work and schoolwork done.

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