For some, the balcony is a relaxing place, for some it is a perfect date spot and for some it is a night party place. For most people, apartment living doesn’t strictly include an outdoor luxury space like a pool. Those basic balconies need the help of an interior designer to ditch the lounge chair and bring in some floor cushions, hanging planters, coffee tables and foldable furniture and turn your small balconies into a lounge space.

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1 Introduction

But what is the actual definition of a balcony?A platform surrounded by a wall or railing on the outside of a building, with access from a window or door on the upper floor. From finding the perfect mood lighting to creating your own balcony garden, there are countless ways to customize any of your outdoor space. The idea of ​​how to decorate your balcony can vary from person to person, as some may like it aesthetically while others may prefer it quirky. It’s your idea of ​​how to decorate your balcony and give it a personal touch.

1.1 Tips and ideas on how to decorate a balcony.

So, here are some tips and ideas on how to decorate your balcony:-

1.1.1. Start with the furniture

The first thing you want to do with your basic, simple balcony is to add some new, different, and aesthetically pleasing furniture. But remember that anything you put on your balcony will be exposed to your neighbors, so make sure you put it on the other side Some nice, neighbor-friendly furniture.

Materials like wrought iron made from bamboo can handle most of what Mother Nature throws at them. Make the balcony your new dining area with some balcony decor in your apartment balcony.

1.1.2. Create a café

In a world full of jeans and millennials, everything now has to be aesthetic and photo-worthy. In this world, do you imagine having a balcony that resembles a cafe at home?

Yes, anyone with an open balcony can turn it into a cafe with decorations Of course, foraging is your choice. Get out some old basic whiteboards and paint them in your own creative way. Add some cozy bean bags and square tables to give it more of a café vibe and you can also add a shelf that holds all your reading supplies making your balcony the perfect nook for your personal Wall Street Journal and you can easily take your morning coffee to your personal balcony space.

1.1.3. Upgrade your fence

Ah, aren’t we too old to have those basic design railings? Balconies are often overlooked due to their basic interior design. To make your balcony better, add some new railings, you can go to Glass or perhaps marble railing gives more royal and luxurious feelings in the home.

Aesthetic balconyBy Gotta Be Worth It, Pexels, Copyright 2023

1.1.4. Decorate with plants

Filling your balcony with handcrafted furniture can make the place boring and cluttered, adding some cute little plants to give your balcony the perfect garden feel. Plants are great for adding flair to a space. Flowers such as geraniums and begonias, hardy plants such as bamboo and fresh herbs all thrive in a balcony garden. So, if you live in an apartment, you will enjoy your garden but don’t forget to take care of your garden.

1.1.5. Add a touch of color

We’ve all had basic white balconies our whole lives. Now it’s time to make our porch match our personality and add some popular colors of our choice that will catch the attention of all your house party guests. Who wouldn’t love a fresh coat of paint to spruce up your interior space, so why should your balcony be any different? I recommend using some pastel colors on your balcony walls as they give some peaceful and beautiful vibes where you can relax and daydream all day and night.

1.1.6. Invest in privacy

Finally, someone thought about privacy because balconies are usually open spaces and you need your privacy in open spaces as well. So, for your rescuer, you can use tall plants, and climbing vines and shrubs can help you say goodbye to nosy neighbors and claim more personal space for yourself. Waterproof textiles and fabrics, and even hanging plants, are excellent for closing off your space a bit and adding some much-needed shade, too.

You can also use privacy screens made of metal or bamboo if you need to properly isolate yourself from your surroundings.

1.1.7. Hammock beds

Well, just think about the coldest day on Earth today and you are deprived of Vitamin D. Having a hammock bed on your balcony will bring you vitamin D. You can have the most peaceful afternoon nap in your hammock bed hanging on your balcony. But before installing it make sure your walls are strong enough otherwise the rope and bed can bear your weight. So if you are planning to buy a hammock bed make sure to check the weight details and wall condition.

1.1.8. Artificial grass

Having only plants will not make it a garden. If you want your balcony to become a garden, add some artificial grass carpets that are easily available in the market but make sure to buy high-quality carpets as they last longer and can be cleaned easily. Cheap products lose synthetic plastic very easily and can be a big mess to clean up.

But if you have any pet dog or cat at home then avoid this grass as it can destroy them in a day, inhaling some artificial grass can also affect its health and a slight change can become a serious problem.

1.1.9. Outdoor carpets

Not every time you want your balcony to become a garden to give it a perfect feel, highlight some wool rugs on your wooden floors giving it a proper feel of an outdoor space.

Instead of making it a perfect garden, you can instead make it a perfect place to watch movies by adding some privacy screens and a projector or just your laptop and other important things, or you can even share your resting space with your perfect loving partner your pet dog.

Beautiful balconyBy Dom J, Pexels, Copyright 2023

1.1.10. Make a pet house

You have a house of four walls you can say your bedroom. But what about your pet? Doesn’t your pet need one too? Of course, they need a place they may not say so, but their sparkling eyes say that they also need a place with four walls to call their home and your balcony will be the right place for your pet.

You can either make a wooden dog house on the balcony or you can simply dedicate one corner of your balcony to them. When they are the owner, and you are just visiting guests, you can then decorate the walls with claw marks or add some pet pictures on the walls. Since we are making a dog house, they also need a place to sleep or a play corner, and you can add a dog hammock bed keeping in mind that you have a small dog or cat.

Just imagine the cutest thing ever a dog on this cute bed. Ah, I can’t wait for the pictures.

Balcony gardenBy Cappricious Wayfarer Saptarshi, Pexels, Copyright 2023

1.1.11 Put some of the missing pieces together

You can simply make your balcony your own by adding a few things that match your personality or you can just add a few missing pieces to give it the best look possible. Hanging chair

If you love reading, this is the place for you to bring your current reading book into an open space. By adding just one hanging chair, you can have the perfect evening coffee or morning coffee and read the next couple of pages of your favorite or current reading book in your tiny home. Balconies. Bean bags

If you are still a young adult and have just bought their first apartment as an independent person. Trust me you spend a lot of your valuable time on that balcony, so it’s better to buy some comfortable bean bags instead of expensive wooden furniture. Because with independence comes responsibility and freedom. As much as you will love the house party, you have to worry about how to manage spending and this bean bag will save a lot of your money. It’s a one-time investment. You can even use this comfortable reclining chair in any part of your home. The best out of waste

There are enough empty plastic or glass bottles, broken CDs, and some very old crockery sets. You can make the best wall hangings out of these things that you consider to be complete waste. Take some fairy lights and design them with bottles and hang them on the wall.

Show your creativity on those broken CDs and use them as wall hangings or make some mirror artwork on them and turn your ordinary balcony into an extraordinary balcony.

These old pottery dishes will make your pastel graffiti even more gorgeous after adding them on your wall. Either use it backwards or forwards in both directions, it will look great. Just make sure to keep it at a certain height so that it is not easily broken by any child or pet.

I hope after reading this article you will have many ideas on how to decorate your balcony and make it expensive.

2. Answers to questions

1) What exactly is a balcony?

a) “A platform surrounded by a wall or railing on the outside of a building, accessible from a window or door on the upper floor.”

2) What is the main function of the balcony?

a) A balcony expands the living space and the range of activities possible in a dwelling without a garden or garden. In many residential homes, the porch is partially recessed to provide sunlight and shelter or shade.

3) What are the parts of the balcony called?

A) There are three parts to the main balcony structure. First, the “skeleton” of Cassette® balconies is, in essence, a structure upon which the rest of the aesthetic elements are attached. Second, the decking at the top, the soffits below, then the railings and fascia at the front and sides.

4) What is the best orientation for the balcony?

A) Balconies and terraces must be constructed in the north, east or northeast direction. One should avoid a house that has a balcony in the south-west or south direction.

5) What is the upper part of the balcony called?

A) Classically referred to as a “balustrade,” a balcony railing gets its name from the Italian word balustrade, meaning wild pomegranate flowers.

6) How to make a beautiful balcony?

A) Plants are great for sprucing up a space. Flowers such as geraniums and begonias, hardy plants such as bamboo and fresh herbs all thrive in a balcony garden. The list of outdoor plants is long—just consider the hardiness zone you live in and how much light your porch gets before making any decisions.

7) What is the ruling on the balcony?

a) The height of balcony constructions shall not be less than 1.0 meters and their height shall not be more than 1.2 meters from the finished floor level. This means that the handrail must be 3.44 feet, not less, otherwise it poses a safety issue. The code also states that any balcony 2 meters or more off the ground must have a safety railing.

8) Can we cover the balcony with glass?

A) Yes, you can cover your balcony with sliding windows or any other method that does not represent a structural change to the building

9) What is a balcony railing?

A) The word parapet describes a wall-like structure surrounding a balcony or roof.

10) Why is the balcony waterproof?

A) Insulating concrete means that you will give the concrete an extra level of protection. Waterproof concrete also prevents cracks from forming, prevents mold and mildew, and protects against ultraviolet rays.

11) What is the best deck for a balcony?

A) The non-slip version of ceramic tiles is the best choice for balcony flooring. Some types of ceramic tiles available on the market can imitate other materials such as wood and stone and look great.

12) What shade is best for a balcony?

A) Porch wall color range from shades of cream and off-white. You can create the best color combination for your porch by using shades of cream and off-white. This balcony color design will be especially beneficial for compact balconies to make them look spacious and open.

13) What type of light is used on the balcony?

A) Fairy lights, lanterns or LED strips are great for creating romantic light accents. Use ceiling or wall lights for perfect base lighting in your balcony.

14) Can you put LED lights on the balcony?

A) High output LED lights that are easy to install along borders, under overhangs and around curves are an ideal choice for many deck and porch projects.

15) Are LED lights fireproof?

a) LED lights are unlikely to cause a fire. Bulbs don’t get hot enough to ignite anything. The biggest risks are faulty wiring or overloaded circuits.

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