Houston interior designer Mary Flanigan launches e-commerce site

Houston interior designer Mary Flanigan launches e-commerce site

Leveraging her growing social media following and the rise in online shopping, Houston interior designer Mary Flanigan launched her own e-commerce site, where she sells home goods from her licensed collections as well as products she uses in projects for clients.

At MarieFlanigan.com, shoppers will find lighting, from table lamps to chandeliers, that she designed for visual comfort, along with soft home goods, such as bedding, towels, decorative pillows, throws and rugs, that she created for Annie Selke. Besides those staple items, it includes paintings and ceramics by some of her favorite artists as well as one-of-a-kind pieces found while traveling and shopping.

Flanigan, who has more than 500,000 social media followers and 2 million monthly views of his Pinterest page alone, promises to drop a product once a month with special limited-edition items. This month will include Christmas items, tableware and old stockings made from Ushak rugs. Holiday socks go on sale today. There were only 30 of them left and then they disappeared.

Online shopping was already growing when the pandemic fueled its activity. People who preferred to buy things at the mall were suddenly happy to get new things without having to enter the store. While home furnishings represented just 17.1% of the U.S. e-commerce market in 2022, it is expected to grow to $87 million by 2025, according to zolack.com.

This is good news for huge sites like amazon.com, as well as small independent businesses, which are expected to do well as well. Surveys show that half of consumers want to support independent businesses, with about 65% of them shopping at small businesses.

Flanigan took some time recently to talk about online shopping, design trends, and her favorite home goods.

Q: This sounds like a great next step for you, what made this the right time to launch an online store?

a: We only take on four or five new clients a year, so we have a very limited exposure to what we can do. We reject people every day that we want to help. I love running a boutique practice, but I also want to help people create beauty in their homes and be able to use the things we use with clients.

I think I’m the big sister in design. We believe in sharing our resources and helping people get what they want. I think that’s why he has such a following online. We don’t just show ambition and beautiful images; It’s a resource guide with tips and tricks along the way

Someone might say, “I may not have the same study, but I can use a paint color and have those table lamps.” It’s a very obvious next step and serves people who want to follow us in a new way.

Q: Your collections with Annie Selke and Visual Comfort are represented on your website. What else will people find on MarieFlanigan.com?

a: We went to find the craftsmen. We have a ceramic artist who makes bowls that you can use as a jewelry tray or flower vase. I also work with different European antique dealers to source pieces from Europe, France and Belgium so that people can choose from selected antiques that I have selected myself. I saw them in person and loved them.

We’ll be slowly rolling out new products over the next 12 months so people will come back for more. We will have different seasonal collections as well.

Q: Many companies target younger consumers with online sites, but statistics show that everyone is shopping online more. ? Who is your target audience?

a: Our target demographic is likely to be people aged 30 to 65 years. People who nest, who create their permanent homes and who appreciate handcrafted items. It is for design lovers, for people who want to create a sanctuary in their homes and love to surround themselves with beauty. This is what follows us on a daily basis.

I find meaning in creating beauty for people, and I want to create spaces where people find who they are and nurture love in their lives and the love of others. I want this site to allow others to do this in their own homes.

Q: Tell me about the things on your new website, how they influence your classic style, and the materials you use on client projects now.

a: Authentic textures, materials and subtle color palettes found in nature are timeless and classic. The modern Belgian aesthetic is on trend now. Marble and natural stone countertops are definitely the trend. You won’t look at any of these things one day and not find them beautiful.

What sets our site apart from others is that it is very natural, cohesive and inspired by nature. What I love is the return to the love of traditional things – traditional bones and architecture with colonial touches. I see this coming back to the world of design, and I want to present it a little higher with products that are more precise, authentic and beautiful. These are the things that bring me happiness personally.

Q: What are some of your favorite things on marieflanigan.com?

a: The rugs are really special because they are at a great price, and they are very comfortable. They’re comfortable – and can be hard to find in a rug. The decor is very coordinated and put together. There is something for everyone. The throws are gorgeous and there is a wonderful collection of vases.

The lighting set is my personal favorite, and honestly, the side tables are my personal favorite. Limestone, marble and plaster side tables are all really hot on the market right now. We’ve really tried to focus on smaller furniture items and give people a chance to add a touch of Mary Flanigan’s interiors to their homes.

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