It’s hard to match the craftsmanship of this Made Relative tiny house. Clever storage solutions and unusual furniture pieces that you rarely see inside small homes abound, and are easily integrated into the home’s compact living space. Although it uses every inch of available space, the little Balsam remains remarkably airy and tidy, proudly displaying its distinctive woodwork.

Balsam is one of those homes on wheels that easily catches the eye. It’s mostly a dark, dreary exterior, which makes the white-framed windows stand out even from a distance. We’re talking 11 windows, which is more than enough to fill this 26-foot (7.9-meter) home with natural light and delight its residents with great views without sacrificing privacy. Black metal accents and state-of-the-art LED lighting highlight the dramatic beauty of this dark exterior even further.

Compared to it, the interior design of Balsam is rather surprising. It’s lighter than you’d expect, featuring classic farmhouse-like walls and ceilings in pure white. Only a few pieces of furniture in dark shades, carefully added throughout, match the home’s exterior. The rest of the woodwork (including the flooring) adheres to the natural light shade that blends harmoniously with the white walls.

The well-equipped kitchen, standard bathroom and compact living area are things you would expect to find in a luxury tiny house. What you don’t necessarily expect is a gorgeous two-seat snack bar, a small but functional separate study, or an abundance of storage in the most unusual places. Balsam has it all, and proves that there is no need for bulky closets to make small living more comfortable.

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This smart little home reveals storage solutions at every step, yet they’re so well integrated that they take up very little space. As a result, the Balsam feels spacious and airy while featuring high storage capacity for a much larger dwelling.

You have fully open stairs that double as cabinets of different sizes – seven in total. The raised position of the living room allows for plenty of additional storage space underneath. The walls have also been put to good use – several floating shelves have been added to the kitchen area; In the living room/lounge, a beautiful maple bookcase covers the entire wall.

In the bathroom there is enough space under the thick oak worktop for a combined washer/dryer unit. Walnut and maple boards convert into twisted shelves for additional storage. In the loft bedroom, walnut and maple corner pieces double as night tables for easy storage.

The 70-square-foot (6.5-square-meter) loft is large enough for a queen-sized mattress. But Balsam can easily accommodate more than two people thanks to its gorgeous custom-made sofa. This brown leather sofa with rustic oak accents has a functional pull-out bed. Aside from its function, it is a luxurious piece of decor, adding to the overall elegance.

Small house balm

Photo: relative making

Balsam’s soaring living room goes beyond the confines of typical small homes. First, it’s a truly welcoming oasis of relaxation: the custom sofa is large enough for friends and family, while the large windows seem to bring in the outdoors. A large TV can be wall mounted with the optional full motion swivel arm.

Second, this relaxation area essentially doubles the amount of storage available inside the home, from the few steps leading up to it, all the way up to the custom bookcase. And last but not least, it creates space for an unusual home office. An asymmetrical walnut board serves as a work desk, seamlessly integrated into an oak-paneled cubicle that is part of the overall lounge deck.

Although unusual, the placement of this desk is great because it can include additional storage space, and also ensures the privacy of a separate work area. Nearby, a snack bar has a similarly rustic look and takes advantage of the large front window. This beautiful maple bar comes with a matching footstool and two contrasting bar stools. Looking up, you’ll notice the elegant chandelier made of hand-blown glass.

Balsam has enough width to blend this elegant dining area with a rustic touch on one side and the kitchen on the other side. Major appliances are a four-burner stainless steel gas range, a smart two-door refrigerator, and a multi-speed zero-vent extractor fan. Like the living area, the kitchen comes with plenty of storage space in the form of cabinets and overhead shelves.

Small house balm

Photo: relative making

The bathroom is the final luxurious touch to the balm. The large fiberglass shower stall, double toilet and gorgeous oak countertop look like they belong in a luxury mansion. Black towel racks, LED lighting, and floating vinyl tiles throughout enhance the luxurious ambiance of this bathroom.

In addition to innovative design and ample storage throughout, the compact Balsam features impeccable contemporary style with a rustic touch. Wooden beams on the ceiling and black metal railings with maple accents are sophisticated details that turn this tiny house into a beautiful home.

The only downside is that Balsam was designed and built as a one-of-a-kind home and is no longer available. Made Relative does not offer serial designs or tiny homes tailored to specific clients. Each of the brand’s homes is individually designed and unique, and is priced between $90,000 and $100,000.

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