Distinguished stay in Saint-Denis at the end of 2025

Distinguished stay in Saint-Denis at the end of 2025

It is not uncommon to encounter major construction sites in the Dionysian city. And on the Parachoa side, towards Lancastel, there have been many of them in recent years; Especially with the construction of the new complex or even with the demolition of the old department library. This part remains subject to work, as work on the future Dionysian urban forest, under the leadership of the municipality, is scheduled to begin in a few months. Another project will start next year, around June, we are told, behind the SFR brand specifically, on the triangular plot of land acquired in 2021 by SCCV Obeiyou, run by businessman Abida Mugaliya.
The space is currently unused, currently used as a warehouse for Eiffage. “To facilitate wastewater renewal works in the city of Saint-Denis”“But within a few months, the first pioneering work will begin to transform the vacant plot of land into a truly exceptional building,” explains Obaida Makliya. “We’re really part of that spectrumsays Frédéric Greif, the architect responsible for the project, working on behalf of Olivier Brabant Architecte. “There will never be a building with this level of finishing in Saint-Denis.”

Nine furnished apartments were delivered

Placed on sturdy pedestals, “Like Noah’s Ark” The building will overlook the city’s coast from a height of 18 metres. “To gain elevation on traffic and water flows.” It will consist of nine apartments ranging in size from 150 square meters to 360 square meters. “What is rare is that we will have elevator service that goes directly inside the apartment to the upper floor, Frederic Greif explains. The latest property will also have a rooftop with a 360-degree view. There will be patios inside to regulate the temperature. And that’s not all because the project will also offer a rooftop swimming pool, hanging gardens, hammams and saunas, continuous floors, parking spaces under stilts, etc. Just that.
“It’s not common, The architect laughs. We are truly in the business of excellence. When delivered to buyers, we will manufacture specially designed products. Everything will be delivered according to the latter’s preferences. Furniture, decor…everything!” In terms of technology, the company follows an environmentally responsible approach and bioclimatic architecture adapted to Reunion Island. He is also working on buildings such as the new Guillot Station, having established himself in the wooden media library in Saint-Leu. “We work to be as environmentally responsible as possible; Frederic Greif explains. We will use as little concrete as possible, and even in concrete, we will try to work with the lowest carbon footprint, including choosing to produce solar energy. We will save energy as much as possible. We try not to lose anything even with technology.”
But that can sometimes be easier said than done. “On the contrary, playing with these elements is very complex, The architect confirms. This construction choice must be sustainable. If you have to start over or maintain it every ten years, there’s no point. When we choose our projects, we do not think about a ten-year period, but rather we look at what our elders have done, and we are interested in it.” Working on a triangular space adds more challenge, says the confident architect. “We can’t wait to do this project and show it to the Dionysians, I smile. We are very proud of this project, especially since we succeeded in it on the first attempt. “We want to solve this problem and revitalize the neighborhood.” For this, we will have to wait until the end of 2025 and deliver this major project.

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