Dinan: Place Saint-Sauveur, the presbytery will become a luxury hotel

Dinan: Place Saint-Sauveur, the presbytery will become a luxury hotel

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Only five months after being put up for sale by the city of Dinan (Côte d’Armor), it was sold Church of Saint SauveurA 320 square meter building dating back to the 19th century and located in the heart of the historic center has found a buyer.

Three offers

“We received three interesting offers: from the commercial housing group essencethe individual and the group Castelbracowner of Maison Pavie next door.

4-star accommodation.

The premiere clearly stood out from the crowd. The need to adhere to a guarantee Heritage restoration For the building and offer its exploitation during the season High-end tourism “4 star type”.

The Bordeaux Group, created in 2016, recorded a turnover of 3.5 million euros in 2022 and targets 8 million euros this year.

Hospitality in the summer, and shared accommodation in the winter

Built in stone under slate, it is majestic and austere Two-storey residence It is adjacent to the church, at 14 Place Saint-Sauveur, and includes a garden. Nessence plans to install a Mixed housing model.

Season, from April to September, the accommodation will take the form of a “Boutique hotel” with 11 rooms/studio Arranged on the upper floors and business on the ground floor.

For the rest of the year, it will be rooms and studios Rented in shared accommodation By the week or month, with common areas on the ground floor.

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The place will open All year round For Dinan residents and tourists alike to attend cultural events, exhibitions, artist residencies, tea rooms, etc.

Experts in heritage rehabilitation

“Nessence has experience rehabilitating this type of property,” confirms the MP who is lobbying. Quality of architect From the chosen heritage, Christophe Fagoult, from the Dinan agency Ylex Architecture. Two other architects, interior decorators and landscapers, must also be involved.

The building, which, according to the sales offer published in June, “should be restored to its original conditions” and seen Architectural elements (Stairs, floors, fireplaces, carved carpentry, etc.) that have been preserved will be rebuilt “in the spirit of the 19th century.” The work will be carried out in consultation with the architect of Bâtiments de France (ABF).

Bought for €666,700

At the table, Nessence brought a value proposition 666,700 euros “Instant, no credit application requirement.” The price is “very close to the €700,000 we asked for,” says Jacques Tominet. Nearly double Domaines’ estimates.

Regret is in the minority

At question time, Clemence Isivaz Rolletan elected member of the municipal minority Diver’Cité, expressed his regret at seeing a “heritage building dedicated to luxury hotels” and that the projects are of a more social nature, Housing Or others, were not considered.

“We need social housing, but it cannot be ordered and not just anywhere,” answers Jacques Tominet, who believes that: Due to the cost of the building And its development, “social housing in this case misses the point.”

“No social landlord has applied,” adds city mayor Didier Lechin, considering that, given the lack of available land, “the city must rebuild itself.” That’s why we sell buildings, so we can rebuild tomorrow. »

Discounted garden

a Plot of land 120 m2 It is located at the back of the property Sold Apart from that for 9000 euros Castelbrac Collectionowner of Maison Pavie next door, so that these guest rooms can create a garden there, which they have been deprived of until now.

The neighboring presbytery of Saint-Sauveur, in the square of the same name, is Maison Pavie which will receive a 120 square meter plot of land from its garden. © Agnes Esteves da Silva

The Municipal Council approved the deliberations unanimously Agreement to sell From the priest Saint-Sauveur must now be signed within a month.

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