New personalized Curato gifts capture emotions and stories, allowing people to create lasting memories with their loved ones
<p class="rtejustify"><strong><span>Curato is a modern gifting platform, the first of its kind in Bangladesh.  The brand collaborates with other local brands and companies to curate visually appealing gift boxes.</span></strong>

The platform has seamlessly integrated the art of curated gifting with a lifestyle of thoughtful gestures, ensuring every gift box resonates beyond the occasion.

Curato gift boxes are carefully designed around specific themes, experiences or occasions, and feature a selection of carefully selected products that harmonize with each other. Every gift has its own unique story.

Curato’s personalized gift sets include a wide range of themes that cater to different tastes and special moments. Whether it’s the cozy essence of the ‘House Warming’ collection or the soothing hues of the ‘Pink Hour’ collection, each box has been meticulously designed to evoke emotions and create meaningful experiences.

Fine coffee lovers will be delighted with the ‘Coffee Connoisseur’ and ‘Coffee Lover’s Delight’ collections, while the ‘Cha and Taa’ and ‘Tea Time Bliss’ provide a peaceful escape over tea.

International flavors take center stage with ‘Taste of Italy’ and ‘Pasta Night’ selections, while ‘The Joy of Chocolate Fondue’ takes the range to new heights. For those seeking hands-on involvement, the DIY Popsicle Kit offers a creative endeavor.

Furthermore, Curato offers easy customization of corporate gifts, ensuring that feelings of appreciation are seamlessly translated into coordinated gestures for valued colleagues.

Curato’s new personalized gifts really show how much they care about ‘heart connections’. Their gift boxes capture emotions and stories, allowing people to create lasting memories with their loved ones.

TBS reviewed the Curato collection and selected the three best gift boxes.

My mother and I

The Mommy And Me Gift Box is a celebration of unconditional love and connection between a mother and her child. Inside the carefully curated gift box, you’ll discover a carefully selected selection of luxurious components and accessories, designed to create lasting memories of warmth and togetherness.

This special gift box is more than just a collection of items. In a world full of distractions, these carefully selected items encourage you to stop, savor, and celebrate the beauty of motherhood for new moms.

This box contains:

  • Two types of loose tea (20g x 2)
  • Local honey (70 ml)
  • Honey dipper
  • Kaos Glass Cup (ISHO)
  • Nino Star Baby Rattle (ISHO)
  • Cub Club Baby Romper (Yellow or Green)
  • Tea infusion recipe card
  • Tips for mother and child

Price: 4,090 taka

Pasta night

The Pasta Night Gift Box is a thoughtful effort by the Curato team to elevate your date night. Cooking together fosters intimacy and fun, making it an unforgettable shared experience. Inside the gift box, you’ll discover carefully selected ingredients and accessories, designed to make your pasta night truly exceptional.

Premium ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes ensure a delicious meal, while collectible glass jars and colorful bowls add a touch of romance to your table setting. It’s a recipe for a couple who wants to have a perfect night.

This box contains:

  • Olio Oroleo Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250 ml)
  • Dry pasta (4 servings)
  • Red sauce (100 grams)
  • White sauce (100 grams)
  • Cooking utensils x3
  • Red and white checkered apron
  • ISHO Ribbed Flat Bowl (green or yellow)
  • Recipe cards x 5
  • Collectible Corato glass jars

Price: 7,290 taka

Tea time bliss

This special gift box has been carefully designed to enhance your tea experience and provide you with a moment of bliss. Steeped in love and brewed with care, this tea gift includes collectible Curato glass jars in a Tea Time Bliss gift box which enhances presentation, adds practical value and provides a lasting memory. Eco-friendly and customizable, these reusable jars elevate the gift, showing thought and care, making a gesture of appreciation as a gift for any occasion.

This box contains:

  • Two types of loose tea (20g x 2)
  • Delicious snack (100g)
  • Local honey
  • Honey dipper
  • Teapot (600 ml)
  • Tea infusion recipe card
  • Collectible Corato glass jars

Price: 3,690 taka

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