Coohom’s Photo & Video Studio feature helps e-commerce retailers better present their products to customers without huge labor and material costs. For furniture and home decor companies, as well as kitchen and bathroom brands, this amazing feature provides premium white glove service, which means from setting up the virtual camera to rendering a gorgeous real-life scene, with your product catalogue, Coohom understands everything that is possible for your business. When 3D visualization encounters interior design, it actually achieves a perfect combination for both retailers and customers, since in this way customers can browse any products using custom settings as much as possible, and retailers can effortlessly display the best condition of their products. Products from a more vital perspective for customers, it’s a win-win situation!

β€œIn this rapidly changing time period around the world, in fact, every industry is thinking about how to deal with it, getting ahead of everyone else to dominate the market first, because you cannot predict 100% what customers want. However, you can find a way that leads them to like your products.” And your brand. And what is the most cost-effective way? Our answer is 3D visualization. Coohom offers the world’s leading cloud rendering technology to improve sales performance and product conversion for almost all e-commerce departments. Coohom’s Photo & Video Studio is sure to improve the process of Design, Product Display and Sales Performance for Furniture Retail Brands, With photorealistic displays up to 16K resolution and virtual video walkthrough functions, we make sure our customers will never fall short of their sales targets, and always win over other competitors!” Quotes Quoc Liao , Chairman of Coohom.

More than 3,000 AI smart templates are prepared for you to choose from, and it integrates with so many different interior styles, that you don’t have to worry about how to set up a distinctive background that can best highlight your product. Inspiration never fades here, Coohom is a community trusted by many, more than 8 million designers worldwide create 3D design projects on our platform every day, and you can communicate with them in real-time to let them know your interest Get a unique design scene to showcase your product Thus, you are conveying a lifestyle to your customers, not just the product itself.

The best marketing strategy is to let your audience know the core value of your product without saying too much. Visuals, Videos & Concepts, via Coohom’s Photo & Video Studio To achieve greater business goals, deliver better lifestyles, and establish the strongest brand image, one perfect product image is all you need to achieve Maximum conversions!

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Photo and video studio from Coohom

  • Photo Studio Premium (white glove service).
  • Fast and realistic image display at up to 16K resolution.
  • Advanced 3D visualization technology to support augmented reality scenes.
  • Over 3000 smart templates to choose from.
  • Exceptional high-quality video roaming feature.
  • Support social media marketing implementation and engagement.
  • Reduced material cost, increased product conversion and optimal sales performance.

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