Clark professors start petition over building conditions – The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Clark professors start petition over building conditions – The Rocky Mountain Collegian

The Andrew G. Clark Building has problems, and they’re getting worse. One of Colorado State University’s most used and traveled buildings has fallen and failed to meet expectations. Now the professors are fighting.

Professors at CSU started a Petition Titled “Clark’s Revitalization Work” On the popular website in an attempt to make changes to Clark. The petition is listed as being started by Clark’s group. It directly targets CSU President Amy Parsons and CSU Vice Presidents Janice Nerger, Rick Miranda and Brendan Hanlon. The petition begins with a firm message and a list of their pressing concerns.

“Given that the original plans to ‘convert’ the Clark Building have given way to some work on Clark A, the demolition of Clark B (replacing it with a new building) and not much work on Clark C, there is a great deal of uncertainty about how these plans will unfold.” In fact,” the petition reads.

The petition was opened a few days before the latest leak in Clark. After videos emerged online showing Clark A leaking from the ceiling, the petition has now become even more important.

“The ceiling leaks all the time — in faculty and graduate student offices, the mailroom, the conference room, the hallway, the classrooms,” said Professor Robert Duffy, who teaches at Clark. “HVAC equipment leaks and breaks down all the time, making offices too hot or too cold. Some windows won’t open; others won’t close all the way. Water fountains don’t work. Bathrooms are a mess, fixtures Broken often. There are mice and bees and wasps in offices. And then, of course, there is asbestos.

These are just some of the issues that affect Clark in his three departments. Even the newer Clark A still needs work. The school and its management with Parsons are being targeted for these issues. However, it is difficult to pinpoint blame.

“The accountability here is complex,” said Matthew Hitt, an associate professor who also teaches at Clark. “Many public institutions — especially in a state like Colorado that have imposed constitutional limits and requirements by voters on the amount of tax revenue state government can collect and spend — are chronically underfunded that leads to significant and ultimately very costly deferred maintenance problems.”

Hitt also spoke about the petition. Although many professors signed it and helped create it, not everyone agrees with the petition.

“I have not signed any petitions and do not plan to do so,” Hitt said. “I don’t want to speculate on the motives of these individuals who did this.”

Students also saw issues with Clark, and many expressed concerns about the building and its future. There are plans to start work in Clark In 2024, But many are concerned about the changes coming and when they will arrive.

“These are not problems that we as a department can solve on our own.” Duffy said. “It would be ideal if the university provided some financial and logistical support.”

So far, the petition has garnered more than 150 signatures with a goal of 200. The petition ends with a clear message of concern.

The last paragraph of the petition says: “We request support (financial and logistical) as well as the active involvement of the central administration in the renovation of Clark.” “Given so little has been announced about plans to accommodate faculty, staff, and students — in both Wings B and C — this request is urgent.”

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