To think about different ways to design and enhance schools through creative interaction with local environments, LA ESCUELA___ is launching a call to “Building schools____public places”. This competition is an invitation to explore the relationships between art, architecture and education as a strategy for improving shared urban living conditions. The call targets architects, artists and communities across Latin America and the Caribbean. It entails envisioning, designing and constructing a public space that is envisioned as an educational environment.

The projects are expected to be permanent, site-specific interventions, designed with a holistic vision and impact in their area, aiming to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability. Each team must propose a public access location. Applicant teams may consist of artists, architects, and/or urban planners – based in Latin America or abroad – along with a local community and entity. The proposal should embody their ideas about the idea of ​​the school as public space and public space as school. From an art and architecture perspective, the project goal and ideas should aim to be dynamic and contribute to the positive transformation of the proposed place of work. The creation and subsequent operation of this educational space should be understood as part of an innovative ecosystem at the neighborhood level.

The “Construir Escuelas___Espacios Públicos” competition is part of the classroom program of LA ESCUELA__. Founded in 2021 by artist, architect and educator Miguel Brasili and the international non-profit Siemens Stiftung, this platform seeks to engage with art as education, and education as collective learning in public spaces. Classrooms are site-based compositional projects developed by artists and/or architects in collaboration with educational and cultural institutions and communities in public spaces in Latin American cities and rural areas. The program aims to address social, political and environmental challenges in specific places through context-based practices.

Applications will be received for “Building Schools____Public Spaces”. From September 15, 2023 until January 31, 2024. Projects are registered and submitted strictly digitally through the LA ESCUELA___ website; Printed documents will not be accepted. Participation in the competition is free. The evaluation criteria will recognize the quality of the final work proposed and the design and strategies involved in the process to achieve it. The jury consists of: On the border (architectural studio), Elisa Silva (structural engineer), Fernanda Canales (structural engineer), Javier Vera Cubas (structural engineer), Increase Mukhi (architect), Miguel Brasili (LA ESCUELA___), and Joachim Gerstmeier (Siemens Stiftung). The ruling will be announced in April 2024 via LA ESCUELA____ digital media. The winning project will receive financial support and accompaniment throughout the process. The local entity participating in the team assumes the required legal and regulatory responsibilities. The project must be completed within six months in 2024. Check the competition guidelines and submit your proposal through

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