Building permit in Bernay: Architect offers free advice

Building permit in Bernay: Architect offers free advice

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Many people face it Their building permits were denied By Bernay City Hall (UR), during Expansion project Or build their house.

“My job is to Support in this process With the city planning department and in understanding some administrative mechanisms, such as the preparation method Development and construction announcements “, he explains Paul SheinbergAssociate Engineer at Tact Engineering Agency.

Providing advice to residents on the architectural part

The second part of her mission in the municipality is Providing advice to residents on the architectural part. “This is not necessarily very clear in city planning documents,” he describes.

Paul Chenneberg’s architectural firm is located in Nantes (Loire Atlantique), which allows him to have… Completely neutral look In Bernines projects.

“It is support, and in no way a design or project management task,” he explains. My added value is getting Reading contexts (Editor’s note: rejection), which we don’t necessarily have when we’re on the project. Geographic distance also allows for neutrality, and I have no knowledge of the local actors, so there is no No conflict of interest. »

Discuss in advance

“Being able to discuss projects at the source, rather than at the time of permit denial, allows us to do thatThey have administrative mandates “More quickly,” explains Paul Schneberg.

An architect can step in from renovating a fence to building a detached house. For this type of project, the specialist can check with the owners the buildable areas on the plot of land, the regulations, the quality of construction or even its inclusion in the cultural heritage.

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The earlier people attend, the greater the opportunity to have broad discussions on the topic.

Paul Chineberg, Associate Engineer at Tact Engineering Agency

“Which It does not reduce official times On the other hand, the instructions help to avoid misunderstandings and the request for additional documents, the architect emphasizes. We therefore remove identifiable factors upstream that do not comply with regulations or city planning rules. »

The preliminary discussion allows you to adjust the project “hiccups” before they are overturned by the city planning department.

He adds: “If we have to refuse the permit, it strains relations a little and frustration may arise (among the applicants).” Helen Fragneresponsible for the City Planning and Land Strategy Department of the City of Bernay.

The goal is not to have a uniform and monotonous city, but rather to ensure that the quality of the planned construction is appropriate to its context.

Paul Chineberg, Associate Engineer at Tact Engineering Agency

In general, individuals who suffer a refusal face the provisions of the Local Urban Planning Plan (PLU).

“Sometimes it can be the color, the material, or even the lack of integration of the project into the urban fabric,” says Helen Frangni. Thanks to Mr. Schneberg, we can offer a solution to the population, and before that we leave people to solve their problem on their own. Our department did not have the skills and we felt powerless to offer them alternatives. »

Assistance in selecting materials

Among Paul Chenneberg’s duties is advice Selection of materials for construction. “New materials are arriving on the market and raising a lot of questions,” says the architect. The Bernay fabric is ancient, with many transformation projects. »

So the questions turn to Building insulation In stone or wood. “We need to figure out how to adapt it to today’s energy constraints without risking damage to the existing structure,” describes Paul Sheinberg.

Therefore, the quality and durability of materials is part of the advice given by the architect. He points out, “For stone houses, for example, we are working on the issue of water vapor, and we need breathable walls, because external insulation made of polystyrene can cause significant losses.”

There are few constructions in Bernay, and we have more requests for expansion or renovation of facades.

Hélène Frangni, responsible for the City Planning and Land Strategy Department

Assistance to the City Planning Department

“I think the mission of architectural consulting is very important for communities, because they have an important architectural heritage that needs to be preserved,” says Paul Sheinberg. There are several major topics today for Area development, such as condensation, regeneration or even energy transfer. »

All of this raises questions about the transformation of Bernay, especially with the new PLU that is supposed to arrive soon. “It’s a step to get A new look at urban planning », highlights Manuel Chevalier, Director of Communications and Local Dynamics of the City.

Paul Chineberg shall occupy a monthly office in the Town Planning Department of the City of Bernay, 7, Gambetta Street. Her next office will be Thursday, December 7, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., by appointment. To do this, call 02 32 46 79 70.

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