Brutal family triplex with balcony in Tribeca neighborhood

Brutal family triplex with balcony in Tribeca neighborhood

A brutal and very elegant trilogy

The collaboration began between interior designer Jae Joo of Jae Joo Designs in New York, and two new homeowners who had never hired a professional before. The project in question? “The most authentic and vibrant New York home I’ve ever worked in.” As described by the architect.

According to Jae Joo, the unique space had a lot to do with this, although the new building with its 50 square meters of private outdoor space had been empty for two years before his clients bought it. The couple truly believed that this rarity with brutalist tendencies could, in the right hands, become a comfortable, simple family home.

“When I discovered the place, I tried to understand why (the apartment) had been vacant for so long. I was immediately drawn to the concrete and funky look of the house. explains one of the owners, who approached Jae Joo for the serenity that emanated from her portfolio and the designer’s expertise in large sizes. “She had everything to know how to operate on this scale that was far beyond ours.” For his part, the architect says: “I had never seen anything like it. I immediately fell in love with the owners and their space. I accepted without hesitation.”

With 250 square metres, three bedrooms and four bathrooms, the Tribeca Triplex is impressive. Upon entering, the visitor is greeted with a sculptural staircase into one of the living rooms, which is also equipped with massive concrete columns and has a ceiling height of about 7 metres. These characteristics presented many challenges for constructing facilities “Absolutely amazing” The architect explains. “We brought a cherry picker into the house to hang the BDDW chandelier and install scaffolding for each new room. The game was definitely worth it.”

The owners, parents of two, wanted a family home without compromising on simplicity, tranquility of space and a neutral color palette. They almost gave Jae Joo carte blanche, but on one condition: no leather or animal products, in accordance with their vegan beliefs. After a long thought about the furniture, the architect decided to focus on texture by mixing soft and smooth materials, and focusing on beautiful shapes. I also preferred the playful aspect through the elements “Surrealism” Like the fluted plaster fireplace and the slightly crooked hinged door that leads to the game room and piano. Jay Joo also served as a mediator in the art world and helped the couple choose pieces to add touches of color, starting with a vibrant painting by Rebecca Morris found at the Bortolami Gallery.

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