The entrance to your home is often overlooked as just a place to transition from the inside to the outside world, but it is one of the most important spaces that introduces the interior design of your home and welcomes guests. Due to their cluttered nature, they can become crowded areas very quickly, but by adopting feng shui principles, you may be able to change the energy of your entryway and create a calm entrance to your home.

Feng Shui is an ancient principle that looks at the flow of energy in spaces to create harmony. “Entryway Feng Shui is crucial because it is where vital energy, or Qi, first enters your home,” explains Victor Cheung, founder of Feng Shio Nexus. ‘A well-designed entrance ensures that this energy is positive and nourishing, promoting good luck and well-being. It helps create a positive and welcoming atmosphere, and ensures you start and end your day with good energy, promoting a feeling of well-being.’ You may not have realized you were making feng shui mistakes at the entryway, and correcting them could be the key to bringing good energy into your home.

1. Incorrect mirror position

(Image credit: Tina M. Witherspoon. Design: Regular Architecture Office)

All doorways need a mirror, giving you the opportunity to check your reflection before leaving the house and bounce light around those cramped and light-poor rooms.

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