Architecture: Dr. Dalila Al-Sanhaji wins the Hypatia International Awards

Architecture: Dr. Dalila Al-Sanhaji wins the Hypatia International Awards

Architect, researcher and lecturer at the University of Science and Technology in Oran “Mohamed Boudiaf” (USTO-MB), Dr. Dalila Senhaji, received the International Hypatia Prize at the Biennale of Architecture and Urban Restoration in Florence (Italy) for her project The quality of her academic and professional career, we learned on Saturday from this academy .

In its sixth edition, the International Hypatia Awards at the Biennale of Architecture and Urban Restoration, hosted by the Italian city of Florence, were awarded last October to Dr. Sinhaji for the quality of his research and for his academic career spanning more than 20 years. In teaching the history of architecture and participating in various international projects related to city planning and architecture.

Dalila Senhaji is one of the first, and even the first, researcher in Algeria since 2003, who worked in religious heritage and achieved this international distinction. His research mainly focuses on the religious architectural heritage of the Arab, Spanish, Ottoman and French eras. She told the Algerian News Agency that she is currently working on the history of colonial domestic architecture in Algeria.

An architect by training and lecturer at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering at USTO, she holds an Architect’s Diploma, Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Architecture specializing in Heritage. She said that she has been teaching the history of architecture for 20 years at the same university and supervises her master’s and doctoral studies.

She is also an architect of protected sites and monuments, having worked on many sites and projects, as an architect in the project to complete the “Ibn Badis” Mosque in Oran and other projects to rehabilitate 19th and 20th century buildings in Oran.

Mrs. Al-Sanhaji worked as a trainee in the Arab Countries Heritage Unit at UNESCO in Paris, and is an associate member of the International Committee for Historic Cities and Villages.

She was also a member and trainer of the European Erasmus Project. This is a study program aimed at training blind, visually impaired, physically disabled and deaf students to use technological and technical means to accommodate courses in universities.

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