As an interior designer, I would avoid floor-to-ceiling tiles and matching towel sets.
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  • As an interior designer, I avoid design choices that make bathrooms look sterile or cheap.
  • I think matching towel sets and themed bathroom art lack personality and feel dated.
  • Matte paint and unprotected wallpaper can easily succumb to water damage.

Floor to ceiling tiles look very sterile.

Floor-to-ceiling tiles are difficult to update.
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I’ve found that a bathroom with floor-to-ceiling tiles is usually cold and sterile rather than luxurious.

Although I think the look works well for a walk-in shower or feature wall, decorating entirely with tile is an expensive option that is difficult to update as trends change.

Plastic bathroom accessories exude elevated design.

Plastic bathroom accessories can look cheap.

Consider upgrading plastic accessories, such as shower curtain rings, soap dispensers, and trash cans, to non-plastic options for an upscale design.

High-quality metal or ceramic finishes can give your bathroom a luxurious look while adding color, texture and charm to the space.

Black toilets kind of scare me, plus they can be hard to keep clean.

I always pass the trend of black toilets.

The black toilets remind me of the uncomfortable feeling you get when using portable toilets, where you don’t really want to see the bottom.

A black toilet may look like a sleek and modern option, but the color may make it more difficult to clean. Although a white toilet shows dust, water marks and smudges, a black toilet hides all the dirt and build-up.

If you want to give your bathroom a stylish look, do so with black towel bars and fixtures instead of a toilet.

The matching towel sets are uninspiring.

I think matching towel sets are too boring.
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Using towels in the same color throughout the bathroom creates a stagnant design and doesn’t bring a lot of fun to the space. Even patterned towel sets usually lack visual variety and color contrast.

I like to mix different colors and patterns of towels that work well together and coordinate with floor mats and shower curtains. The final appearance looks more dynamic and personal.

Unprotected wallpaper can become damp and moldy in the bathroom.

Most wallpaper does not react well to steam and moisture.
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Wallpaper is a great option for small spaces but not all options will work in a bathroom. I prefer to use the peel and stick kit because their vinyl material is more water resistant than the paper alternatives.

If you like the traditional wallpaper design, you might get away with using it in a powder room, or half-bath, where there is no shower. But I still recommend treating the paper with a protective layer to prevent it from being damaged after installation.

Tile surfaces can result in dirty grout that stains easily.

The grout on your bathroom counter can easily get dirty.
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Although mesh tiles are popular, I don’t recommend using them in bathrooms or other high-traffic areas because grout tends to accumulate dirt quickly.

I also find that grout that is difficult to clean will eventually stain with things like colored soaps, makeup, and lotion.

If you’re determined to incorporate this trend into your bathroom, consider using the tiles as backsplashes or on shower walls where spills are less likely to be seen.

Art doesn’t need to be bathroom themed.

If you don’t have shark decor in other parts of your home, don’t put it in the bathroom.
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Instead of choosing a themed artwork that you think is appropriate for a bathroom or spa, treat your wall decor as you would any other room.

Choose fine artwork that inspires you and use colors from your home decor to make your bathroom an extension of the aesthetic of your space.

Just be sure to choose artwork that can withstand steam to avoid mold and mildew forming on your paper products.

Pedestal pans are a missed opportunity for storage.

Bathrooms with pedestal sinks often need other storage devices.
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Although pedestal sinks are a classic silhouette, they are not practical for most homes. The lack of storage and space means it’s only useful for hand washing.

Unless you have room for additional storage options, I wouldn’t use these sinks in a powder room, because they can’t store extra supplies for guests.

Matte paint usually doesn’t hold up in a steamy bathroom.

Matte paint usually absorbs moisture.
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Matte paints are not ideal for bathrooms because they tend to absorb moisture. I recommend the semi-gloss to high-gloss paint option to best protect drywall from moisture damage.

If you like the matte look, you can try using lemon polish instead. It has a similar appearance, but is supposed to be naturally mold-resistant and anti-bacterial.

Frameless vanity mirrors can look outdated.

Frameless mirrors look incomplete.
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Although they’re a neutral option, I find frameless mirrors, especially those with a beveled edge, look dated.

Just like hanging art, a framed mirror is an opportunity to add stylistic personality to your space. I suggest linking your color palette and mirror hardware finishes to bring the space together.

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