Aldric Beckmann Architectes signs elegant residences

Aldric Beckmann Architectes signs elegant residences

Parisian architecture agency Aldric Beckmann Architectes has just finished, in Luxembourg, the creation of an elegant project implemented jointly with AZPML. This is a program of residences and gardens carefully created to delight users.

It is a harmonious writing of a group of nine buildings, which are located in the same area and highlights the importance of creating an architecture that adapts to its context, while introducing animated sequences.

Aldric Beckmann, in collaboration with AZPML“He has created a harmonious whole that combines simplicity and sobriety while carrying a common thread,” Squad » It is implemented on different interfaces.

Image credits: Laurent Geniot

Happy assortment

It is a reflection in itself that led to the use of ” Squad “Front. In fact, this constant is highlighted despite the use of different materials that line the facades.

Using several materials such as Gray brickIt was chosen from among the five sides overlooking the street, but also Gray paint which distinguishes the four buildings located at the back, arises from the same original reflection that highlights the ” Squad ».

The latter adapt to many forms, and can be decorated with several appendages such as balconies, but they can also ensure a certain harmony between the full and the empty, making the facade sometimes wise and sometimes dynamic. As for the various openings, they gain great importance.

Moreover, it is processed with metal parts, and gold-plated according to Golden anodized aluminum joineryThe opaque parts vary and accompany the orientations of the facades. Despite the various similar elements, it is not a building like any other, nor a face that repeats itself, but rather a cheerful assortment that enlivens the entire neighborhood.

Image credits: Laurent Geniot
Image credits: Laurent Geniot

Flexibility and adaptability

Given the current issues, the architects thought about the future of the different spaces. That’s why, They have chosen a constructive system that favors flexibility and adaptability.

Thus, the process of separate construction with façade columns was applied, as well as the assembly of networks containing wet areas and kitchens, in addition to distribution centers in the center of the buildings.

Apart from the ease given to each family to have a suitable layout, the whole has been studied for its energy efficiency. this is the last Required according to Luxembourg regulations to construct Class AAA passive buildings. For this, the engineers used several principles, including the installation of a very effective façade, in particular the use of 2.4 cm thick concrete, as well as external insulation with 26 cm thick mineral wool.

Likewise, the facade was preferred to be cladded with brick strips, a process that contributes to a process with a low environmental impact. Let us also mention the use of high-performance triple-glazed aluminum joinery, which is applied to the exterior of the concrete Reduce thermal bridges In addition to the sun protection system that contributes to Reduce heat input And one Enhanced insulation between hot and unheated parts.

Many solutions have been implemented that highlight sustainability. Finally, let’s remember that there are thermal solar panels on the roofs as well An abundance of plants that help regulate the general temperature. In Luxembourg, the construction of nine residential buildings by Aldric Beckmann Architecture and AZPML is a magnificent exercise that exudes excellence!

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Photography: Laurent Jeanneau

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