Interior design frameworks simply provide a foundation of ideas and inspiration for people looking to change their home decor and style, and personal preferences in style, color, space and layout are even more influential and prominent.

However, the current popular interior design styles, both here in the UK and internationally, particularly for bedrooms, seem to offer great scope for creative expression. With this in mind, here are five popular bedroom styles in UK interior design.

One of the easiest bedroom trends to emulate in your own space is also one of the most affordable, taking inspiration from craftsmen and bohemians, embracing diamond patterns and checking out everything from throws to duvets.

The best thing about this particular trend is that the style works with all different bed sizes and can look as aesthetically impressive in a smaller, modest room as it does in a larger, more spacious room.

There are many reasons why you should avoid using bright overhead lighting in the bedroom, especially at night when you are getting ready for bed. Alternatively, a dimmer switch and ambient lighting are essential.

Ambient lighting, especially long-stemmed ceiling or floor pendants and table lamps in simple, modern styles, is a mainstay of interior designers’ schemes, both on the high street and in high-end designer showrooms.

Then, even though it seems as if this trend never went away from magazines, Art Deco is the best choice for those who want to bring a touch of modern charm to their master bedroom.

Specifically, look for Art Deco pieces in metallic gold, and if you’re ready to embrace this new boom in Art Deco interior design, invest in a chaise lounge covered in a stunning, luscious shade of luxurious velvet. It can bring the whole room together.

Most bedrooms often make the bed the star of the show, and this is of course very understandable: however, if you haven’t already, you need to consider adding another seating option into the space away from the hard-backed chair and dressing table.

Comfortable seating is one of the many cozy design elements that are set to be big this season, and the great thing about this trend is that it will encourage you to spend more time in your newly transformed bedroom.

The fifth and final interior design style aimed at bedrooms of all shapes and sizes is a tropical aesthetic, and this is where you can get really creative.

Home decor items like ornament dishes, jewelry holders, and even pink and light blue table lamps, some wall art of a beautiful sandy beach with turquoise water, and decorative gold-plated metal headboards on top of the house. The bed are all in vogue right now, so choose these.

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