It’s almost impossible to find luxury living in Vancouver that features exceptional, thoughtful design with green engineering at the forefront. But thanks to the innovative CURV Tower, this reality is one step closer.

Set to rise 60 storeys high in downtown Vancouver in Nelson Heights, CURV’s sustainability doesn’t compromise on luxury – in fact, it does just the opposite.

Brought to you by world-renowned architect Tom Wright, the man behind Dubai’s iconic Burj Al Arab, and distinguished architectural interior designer Andres Escobar in collaboration with Lemay_id, you’ll want to keep your eyes on CURV.

Sustainability above all

CURV Tower Vancouver

CURV will not only be the tallest residential tower in Vancouver, it will be the tallest passive house in the world – a building that uses thermal methods to create a low-energy living environment with a small environmental footprint. Passive House’s design uses precise specifications to create the best living conditions.

Exceptional insulation, airtight windows and building envelopes are just some of the design elements that CURV prides itself on.

Aspects of CURV’s design align with the spirit and culture of Vancouver, putting sustainability first in a green city. Passive design elements save up to 90% more heating and cooling energy than comparable buildings – but at a much lower operating cost.

CURV designers and builders estimate that using the Passive House model, the tower will save an estimated 50,000 tons of greenhouse gases over the next 50 years, compared to an existing similar building.

World-class architecture

Passive curve tower vancouver house

CURV Tower Vancouver

The inspiration behind CURV came to Wright in the form of a fresh green bud reaching toward the sky – and that’s exactly what CURV explains. As his first-ever project in North America, Wright chose a sleek, organic and iconic form that is sure to stand out in the Vancouver skyline.

With sharp, curved lines that evoke flowing femininity, CURV matches the inspiration of green shoots by piercing the atmosphere and maximizing space with the lightest environmental footprint.

Attractive interior designs

Passive curve tower vancouver house

CURV Tower Vancouver

With 358 beautifully designed homes, architectural interior designer Andres Escobar in collaboration with Lemay_id uses stylish items that will accumulate value and last for years to come.

Starting in the foyer, you will be greeted with light silver porcelain tile floors, fluted stone and glass walls, and other custom finishes. Escobar collaborated with award-winning designer studio Lemay_id to create a tranquil oasis with luxurious elements.

Luxury amenities

CURV Tower Vancouver

Along with the stunning architecture come the luxurious amenities that CURV is known for. The upper floors of the building offer unparalleled views of the Salish Sea, North Shore Mountains, and Olympic Peninsula.

The rooftop area, known as ‘The Haven’, features a fine dining area with BBQ facilities, pizza oven, outdoor SkySpa (with sparkling hot tubs) and SkyBar, for private use or catering.

Don’t forget the gym, which has the latest equipment and equipment and unparalleled mountain views. There will also be a gym and a professional yoga room powered by a Lululemon studio. With 24-hour concierge service available, what more could you ask for?

Building plans

Passive curve tower vancouver house

CURV Tower Vancouver

There are three different areas in the CURV Tower, including the Horizon Collection from floors 21 to 52 and the Sky Collection from floors 53 to 58, each designed with tranquility and upscale living in mind.

Located on floors 21 to 52, the Horizon Collection is home to premium CURV apartments that come in a variety of layouts with consistent quality design throughout. All suites feature engineered wood flooring, porcelain tile bathroom finishes and quartz kitchen details. You’ll also have a choice of three earth-toned color palettes to customize different areas of your home.

The Sky Collection on floors 53 to 58 features some very high-rise homes, with all the classic CURV details plus access to more luxurious extras at your disposal for pampered home living.

Think premium finishes and appliances like your own refrigerators and wine coolers, a Miele integrated wall oven, curved quartz countertops, freestanding sculptural bathtubs and glass-enclosed showers – just to name a few. A few Impressive details.

Passive curve tower vancouver house

CURV Tower Vancouver

No matter which condominium you choose to call home, you’re guaranteed unparalleled views of downtown Vancouver all the way to the Sunshine Coast.

Are you ready for a luxurious and sustainable life? Register now to learn more about floor plans and design elements at CURV.

Be sure to check out the Downtown Presentation Gallery at 510 Burrard St. for a more personal experience — they’re open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., or Friday by appointment. CURV is making history in Vancouver and you won’t want to miss it!

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