5 dressing room ideas for master bedroom

5 dressing room ideas for master bedroom

How to arrange your dressing room in the master bedroom?

Is the elegant and modern dressing room in the bedroom a concept borrowed from the luxurious decor of large hotels and luxury boutiques? Yes, but not only that… Where the priority is the comfort of travelers and clients, this space with one or two wardrobes has, over time, become essential in apartments and private houses. Aesthetic and practical, invisible and obvious as an extension of the tranquil bedroom, it is now one with any type of residential project. If in certain large spaces the luxurious dressing room remains a separate room reserved for favorite clothes, then the dressing room in the master bedroom is the result of careful, tailored thought. Depending on the dimensions of the room, bed, furniture and accessories, designers customize storage according to each person’s uses, according to the choice of colors and materials of the room. In small spaces, when the master bedroom’s dressing room is adjacent to the bathroom, the design is conceived down to the millimeter, exploiting every corner of the existing architecture.

How much space is needed for a dressing room designed for two people?

To make a master bedroom dressing room, in keeping with the dimensions of the room and depending on the size of your wardrobe, you need a surface area of ​​at least 4 square meters, and a depth of 60 cm. Inside, you can divide your dressing room into two zones: an active one, which corresponds to what you use most often and is therefore easily accessible, and a second called passive, which is everything you want to store (seasonal clothes, suitcases, bags, shoes, etc.). You can either separate the dressing room with a sliding partition, a fairly light curtain, or a large window, or blend it with the decor surrounding the master bedroom with cabinet facades. Whether on a small or large area, the dressing room is installed in sometimes unexpected places, on part of the wall, in so-called hidden corners, such as a loft. There are many solutions to improve this storage, by equipping one or more wardrobes, a section of the wall covering the headboard, shelves or wall niches, or drawers, so that everything is within easy reach. If we choose a set of closed wardrobes, which allow clothes and accessories to be protected from dust and light, then facade materials such as wood, wall colors and large mirrors are integrated into the decor of the room.

Responding to very specific aesthetic criteria, interior designers and decorators offer amazing proposals that improve the dressing room, thus eliminating the boring aspect of storage. Here are five of the most beautiful custom clothing ideas.

Completely wooden dressing room

Maintaining the authentic character of this classic modern apartment, in an Art Deco building dating back to 1936, was the challenge faced by Polish architect Marta Czapcka of the Colomb Agency. Woodwork Arrangements The woodwork and headboard of the master bedroom’s dressing room are clad in teak, a dark wood that combines storage function with existing function. The original elements, the herringbone parquet floors and the beautiful ceiling height of 3.15 meters contribute to the room’s tasteful vintage atmosphere. The headboard is covered in fabric (Etro). Above, the abstract graphic painting signed by Henryk Płóciennik (1933-2020) and wall lights flower pot (Werner Panton).

Modern and chameleon dressing room

© Matthieu Salvaing / Directed by Thomas Skrotch

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